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#1 [en] 

1) merge toons have zero fame in all
2) it would help newbies take more missions
3) it's more forgiving, you can build your fame as you like
4) you can more easily join more guilds with 0 in all
5) silan is supposed to be a refugee camp

5 expanded:
old wars have no real bearing on a new homin refugee

This will benefit new players, anything that benefits them and makes them want to sub faster benefits Ryzom

The end.


#2 [en] 

While Silan is a refugee camp, it is primarily a "training place" so we can learn the game mechanics, although I really never learned about teamwork... go figure....

So, Ignore that fact that Silan is a refugee camp, and focus on learning enough to not be killed brutally in the Holy And Sacred Mainland.

However, understand that I am probably full of bodoc droppings...


I am a Fyros. What more do I have to say other than that?

#3 [en] 

You can join any guild (except perhaps a marauder one) fresh off Silan. Your allegiances are all neutral.

Fame can be brought from -20 to 0 in a day, doing kami/kara/special NPC missions (not even mentioning NH as an option for nations, a single hand-in gets you from -20 to -2).

In short, I can't find any reason to make everyone equal. However, there are mild roleplay reasons that support giving everyone custom fame. After all, nations still hate each other, in the same configuration (matis character will be hated by the fyros on principle).

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