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I think it would be a good idea if a faction/race took over a whole regions OPS and killed the guards in the capital that they should get to claim the region for their own.

The other group would be moved to a an area similar to the mara camp until they won back a region :)

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Interesting idea.

I wanted something like this for Nexus. Right now Nexus is only forest mats ( I love the forest though), but before the server merge, you could get supreme q200 mats there, now we cannot, which really makes nexus TOTALLY WORTHLESS IMO!

Ideally the most interesting way is I say, let a race, faction, or whatever dual it out for the region somehow, then let them determine what kind of mats are harvested there. I suppose it would take programming for 4 or 5 different types of region mats so they can quickly be changed,  (I'm not sure yet about the relationship of the factions to the mats chosen to be dug. Maybe make it so only they can dig the sup mats?), forest, jungle, lakes, desert, maybe even marauder/ranger, or special mats. But bring back the supreme mats! BRING THEM BACK PLEASE! Let them be changeable according to who owns the region. Or, maybe something special like an OP mat being diggable in the region, idk, just ideas thrown out there.
(Or an alternative: Let the region automatically change on its own, one year Forest supreme mats, next year Desert supreme mats, next lakes, next Jungle).

Also, i had an idea for a conquerable city there. whoever owns the city, rules the region. Occupations would be there, missions, trainers, rites, and welcomers, etc. Whoever conquers the city, it would change to that faction (Or race). Also hair doos, tattoos, OR... they can be generic ones to make it easy!

But whatever happens to that city, (I propose we also put a marauder city up, if not there, somewhere other than the little village in HS. Maybe or, one village in each region for them, not just the forest region! I put this in parenthathese because it isn't in line with the topic.) But related to conquering Nexus if that is the direction this might go.

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A similar idea was planned and almost implemented but dropped - it was called Spires. Search the forums, you'll see some info.


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Yeah, make use of the message "This region is neutral."!
Yeah i saw spires in code, but as always no explanation of what it is... i´ll have to search forums


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Spires were indeed designed for territory conquest and supposed to be the next level of PvP content, coming after Outposts. IIRC, one of their controversial features was teleportation block for opposite faction(s). 

However, Spires were in early stage of development when Nevrax went dark. Here is interview with VL, in which he says that "too little was done on them" (page 4): http://www.playnation.de/articles/id11827/1/ryzom-unser-interview -vianney-lecroart-eng.html

There are also some screenshots on Kaetemi's site:


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Creating Spires - Ryzom

Global Faction Pvp Forum post

I don't see blocking people from the region as necessary. But taking over the regions tps, getting all the OPs, etc Yeah!


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Well if i understand that right it would be kinda like OPs...

Just throwing out an idea, how about to summon a spire, enough people have to cast a spell (affliction?) on the base. That would make it a bit different than ops, making players more important than NPC guards. Also it surely would be fun to organise a group that has to cast the afflies and not get interrupted and some players having to defend that group.

Also, i think a lot of people would dislike not being able to tp in zones because of pvp they don't participate in. So how about a special tag for Spires (you sign up for army?) which you can only deactivate 1 week after having activated it? TP restrictions and stat bonusses would only affect those who are part of an army.

Generally, i would really like some sort of region conquering. Make it happen!

I tried to get together all ideas i saw and had myself, taking into account non-pvpers who wouldn't like not to be able to tp to a region but trying to make it worth taking the bad effects.

These are just my personal general ideas though. Any additional ideas and improvements or also critics are welcome :)

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Wow it seems like such a simple idea!

I can see there's a lot to be thought of.

I guess I kind of conceived it like tag you're it now you go stay in the mara camp or whatever other camp may be made. A refugee area.

But when I start thinking of maras don't have capital tps. Maras have four extra PR tps.

Now if mara all the sudden had the capitals would we have to give up the extra PR tps? NOOOO! Don't want to do that :(
----------------------------------------------------------------- ----------------------------
I just re-read the Spires article.

I think the idea for Spires is slightly different than mine. I am willing to play along. But is is more complicated I think. There could be a combination of the two ideas.

I was more thinking of conquest. Being able to take over a capital. For example matis to be able to take over lakes and own both regions. I think they would need to capture the OPs to do this as well as the capital. I can see spires being incorportated into that idea.

The same as different counties in america will have different leanings toward one political party or another.

But defnitely conquest for land! What is the point if you can't take over some land too! lol

The Great Outback is another area that could be used for another refugee camp. All Trykers would then have to go there if Matis won. Mara's still in mara camp if they didn't win anything...

And yes anyone who did not want to participate could leave their tags off.

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What about using the Ranger pathway.

Projecting in a (near?) future, can we consider :
1) extending the Ranger pathways to all regions
2) opening those pathway to everyone (pathways are just pathways, the one who find it can use it, no need to be member of anything) Just need to open the pathway quests to everyone (keep in mind that pathway has the downside of needing to get to a specific location to be used)
Also, in RP context, Rangers or neutrals are not enemy to anyone (so it makes sense to have pathways "anyone allowed" like some TP are "neutral allowed")

3) then all that you said above have no longer the issue with accessing remotely to a region that felt in that or that faction's hands.

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For example matis to be able to take over lakes and own both regions.

They did that once already. It was unpleasant.

Seriously though, I think that it would be a chance to make the lore a little more player-driven in a low-maintenance sort of way.


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Most nations and tribes already claim their respective regions, so a takeover by a guild or faction would certainly not be allowed to happen. However I do think that some sort of site or device built on the abandoned OP sites with a capture the flag type mechanic could be fun.

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