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Everybody hates dust gathering in every corner of the apartment, creating an endless and frustrating fight of sweeping and wiping to keep it at bay. But there is a solution, easy and pleasant: the vacuum cleaner bolobi.

In Nexus Minor, a little unremarkable and nearly unknown plant is growing at a few hidden places. It has a long and incomprehensible taxonomic classification name which is hard to memorize and of minor interest. In popular language, it is called bolobi weed.

The reason for this name is that during its blooming period it emits a scent nearly imperceptible for homins, which drives bolobis nearly crazy and forces them to sniff it again and again. As the plant is very small and frail, the bolobis suffice their addiction with extreme care not to damage the rare source of pleasure. Biologically, this phenomenon serves the purpose of transporting the pollen of this rare plant from one spot to the other making the bolobis agents of their reproduction.

The Matis, though not loved by everybody, cannot be denied to be damn smart devils when it comes to observation of nature and cultivation of it to their own ends and purposes. First, they managed to catch the essence holding the scent of these plants and synthecise it as a fluid. Next, they succeeded in breeding a special subspecies of bolobis, smaller than usual and even more friendly and unaggressive, practically never emitting the dangerous bolobi stink except in imminent danger of violent death. Those little bolobis easily fit into an apartment, were confiding, cuddly and house-trained, and much more than that.

The bolobi weed essence provided by the matis can be sprayed across an apartment. It does not molest homin noses but drives a bolobi to sniff it again and again everywhere where it is distributed. And bolobis are used to inhale large quantities of dust, to swallow and digest it. It ends up in the bolobi litter pan together with the other unmolesting excretions of that small pet easy to dispose. Used to deal with the frail bolobi weed, such an animal never harms even the most fragile fixtures and fittings in an apartment.

That way, bolobis are not only nice and funny pets, but also hold the apartment clean and dust free as organic vacuum cleaners.

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I love Bolobis! Where do you get these little guys? Sign me up right away!
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