Is attacking a person in real life a criminal offense.
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I believe that when people start attacking people's real lives it is taking the game too far.

Examples of taking the game too far:

-Malware attacks against computers

-Attacking emails

-Attacking Google, Facebook, Twitter, Paypal accts and more.

-Attacking ingame mail

-Boot code attacks


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Is this a trick question? Every country's laws are different but it is certainly illegal where I am. If you're being directly attacked it should be reported to the police if possible. I hope someone didn't do this to you :/

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Umm, a homin character on Atys, light years away and centuries in the future, doesn't have access to these RL things you mention, so none of those can be done in character.

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Please do not relate this to roleplay...
RL things and roleplay can't be linked, avatars have their own lives and don't know anything about us.

If you have an harrasment problem linked to whatever you could have said to someone in game, that's really sad for you and really a shame to whoever acts like this but please do not link it to roleplay.


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It's even not game related at all it's a people's issue ><

When wow fanatic are DDosing Guild war jsute to make there life hell because they are not living the same way they do it's not related to the game.

When people steal your account whatever this account is it's not related to the account.

All those thing are related to the guy that are doing that.

And now you say that's roleplay..... seriously ?

What can't you understand in "role" "play" ?

But i remember you saying that you are a troll, yes you are and if you are proud of that you fail in the same group that people doing what you describe.

People like that should be life ban from the game !


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Osquallo that roleplaying entry My Life As a Troll was a joke. It was made under roleplay.

I believe you just want to use it as an excuse to call me names.

However, I am telling you here now and on that RP entry. That was meant to be a joke I thought we all could have some fun with.

Calling me names in any forum or ingame is unacceptable behavior.

On this thread here...

I did not say that is role play. Seriously, have you major issues with your translator?

I said when is it taking role play too far.

I believe real life attacks against people is taking this game too far.

I believe you attacking me Osquallo when you have never even spoke to me is taking it too far also.

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There are no trolls on Atys, so a homin couldn't role play that in character.

The reason we're taking about role play is because you made the title of this thread "when is role play going to[o] far......" If people choose to threaten or attack you it has nothing to do with role play

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The answer to the question is that it is IMMORAL. And since do the laws have anything to do with morality?


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I am very sorry, but what kind of fabulous beast or super powered homin would be a Troll? Is a secret Elias member? Sure, it's not fyros due to the capital letter.
Probably it would be a very strange Karavan langage I do not understand.


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I fail to see what intrusions into the real life of a player have to do with roleplay. All the actions described in the first posting are unlawful, and violations of penal law or at least civil code in practically all countries, leading to fines, arrest, or compensation payments.

Beyond that, any uninvited intrusion into the real life of a player is a severe transgression into privacy. Even if not unlawful, it is at least unethical and unacceptable.


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This thread has decended into mud slinging and does not contribute to the world of Ryzom in any area and it has been closed down. Please observe the forum rules and behave with politeness and respect at all times!


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