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more content
more events 8 (2)
more player events 6 (1)
events on silan for the newcomers? 6 (2)
more pvp trekks 6 (2)
mara trekks 5 (2)
all of the above 6 (2)
Other 7
Abstain 4

#1 [en] 

this game is lacking in content there needs to be more "events" many people are getting bored and lkeaving this game because ther has been a lack in content there needs to be more content!

#2 [en] 

Other: none of the above.

#3 Multilingual 

Tnere is nothing stopping you from contacting the event team to do a player event, so I vote none


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#4 [en] 

Well really, you don't need the event team to have an event. This is a multiplayer online role playing game, so try role playing with the other online players... We mostly entertain oursleves on this little planet with a few political meetings and cultural or environmental events thrown in.

#5 [en] 


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#6 [en] 

Yup, the game badly needs stuff that's added server-side.

I wonder how bad the server code is .. I would guess it's legacy c++, which may or may not be a nightmare to maintain.


#7 [en] 

Yup, the game badly needs stuff that's added server-side.

I wonder how bad the server code is .. I would guess it's legacy c++, which may or may not be a nightmare to maintain.

yes you understand what im trying to get out there ! :D

#8 [en] 

Mjollren: In my experience and opinion, C++ is ALWAYS a nightmare to maintain (and fix)


I don't have anything interesting to say anything here

Just move along....

#9 [en] 

When I was a young child, I was given toys. A ball, dolls (Barbie dolls), kites, jacks, jump rope, wood chips, old medicine bottles, drawing materials, etc.

All these toys required my imagination to use.

Here we have one big toy. Much more elaborate than any of those toys. We are allowed to play with it.

In my life there has rarely been a definite script. "today we will make Nehrie go on a parade" or "now we will make Nehrie eat". Those are things we decide to do on our own.

A pvp trekk? I have no idea what that would be.

A mara trekk? Is that any different than any other trek?

Why would you want someone to tell you what to do every minute of the day?

I feel if you really need that kind of structure then you imagination needs a little more exercise.

One thing you could do is learn to trek on your own. Make a level 1 alt and see if you can get all the capitals for it.

Maybe that would give you something to do beside follow me around with your tags on and trying to hunt me down in the game.

I wasn't even aware you pvp. lol Turn your tags on and go to void or stand in front of the stables at Fairhaven if that is your interest.

Maybe if you tried to pvp someone outside the mara faction you would get more action.

Also if you turned your attention to designing an event it would give you something to do beside shadow me.


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#10 [en] 

That's inconsequential to the point. If you don't require content from the game, why would you be in the game in the first place? Might as well sit at your desk with a pen and paper, and write Ryzom stories. No need for a PC.

But for those who do log in to the game, we log in to do something. Preferably, something that doesn't get repetitive, like running between 4 waypoints (occs), pressing the "heal" button for 1 hour at npc hunts, etc :)


#11 [en] 

I tend to agree to Nehrie. Like her, I fail to understand the points about treks. And moreover, I want to stress that all events are in a way player events.

The members of the event team are players volunteering to support both official and player events. Demanding more events can legitimately done only in two ways:
- volunteering for event team and designing and coding new events
- organizing player events.

Everything else is demanding fellow players to work for oneself. I fail to see how this is legitimate.

Beyond that, I agree that new content would be fine, be it events, official and player events likewise, new rites, missions, occupations, or new regions. We should be aware that this means a lot of work, and instead of just demanding should consider how to contribute to.


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