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App contains all missions up to q130 (f2p). 5
App contains all missions below a certain amount of dappers rewarded (q1-q250 but less than or equal to say 60,000 dappers). 1
Other 1
Abstain 4
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#1 [en] 

The Greedy Crafter Guide

This app is the F2P version of the Pirates of Darkmoor overseer mission directory. Marya and I have released this version, which contains missions up to q120, to help new players and F2P players make dappers while increasing their crafting skills. I would like to thank Siela and Arcueid for answering my questions when I was making the insane spreadsheet of almost 700 missions. I would also like to thank the people behind Ryzom API and especially Marya for putting this app together :D Send an Izam to Placio if you notice any errors in the missions.

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Quick walk-through:

Craft type: Filter out missions that are not of the craft type you want. Very useful when combined with Max. Quality for overcrafting missions.

Plan: This option mostly allows lower level players to exclude missions that use plans that they cannot purchase yet. It is also a great way to exclude ammo missions from other crafts, or vice versa.

Race: I wasn't going to add this, but lower level players cannot craft all race's items so it is helpful for the apprentices.

Item: finds missions that contain the keyword entered. Use "and" and/or "or" to search for multiple items at once. The item names have been translated into plain english (sword, long sword, etc.) so instead of searching "tashok boots", just search "heavy boots" and refine by race. Alternately, "heavy" will display any mission that contains HA or "boots" will display any mission that contains any type of boots.

Max Quality: limit to the maximum level item you can craft, or if overcrafting to 80% or you maximum level craft.

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#3 [en] 

I like the app, it is simple and useful. Keep up the good work!


#4 [en] 

Good job :)


The Clan

#5 [en] 

This is absolutely incredible! I love it! Thank you very much!

#6 [en] 

Added Company of the Eternal Tree (HoP)

Sorting results by highest dapper first will be fixed soon.

Please participate in the poll also!

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Voted for the f2p level limit.

I did that because otherwise I'd abuse your app to feed my char's need for daps for the remainder of my char's life.

That made me feel bad about myself.

I haven't been in game yet to look at your new app, but it sounds amazing. Anything to help the new blood ease into Ryzom is a very good thing for any and all who want Ryzom to stay alive.

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Sorting by highest dapper first has been re-established :D
Sorry for the inconvenience, Placio is no longer allowed to change the setting on the spreadsheet :P

#9 [en] 

App now displays the minimum mats required for each mission- still checking some of the ammo material calculations.

#10 [en] 

The material numbers seemed okay, so now there is a column that shows dappers per material, although this was not the primary intent of the app it might help in certain circumstances :)

#11 [en] 


Unfortunately the app is down until Marya sets up a new website :(

#12 [en] 

I'm glad I did not bother Marya yet, as the mission data has now changed and many of the missions would be unreliable now. Unfortunately I don't have the time to go check them all, so this app has reach the end of its life.

Maybe someone could make an app that players can report the new mission data to, so it can stay updated in the future? Or maybe missions searching will be supported in a future patch by WG........

#13 [en] 

I wish to have time for that.

Is anyone really interested in collecting those data? I mean, even if I make some UI to collect and adjust missions with details, I will never have time to collect those data myself.

#14 [de] 

100% if its an open project :)
- requirements
- mission
- maybe translation from mission into #materials? 
- rewards

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It was just an idea to lessen the work load of one individual. My original data is in a google doc, but considering 2 craft mission apps are broken I honestly would rather see it added into the API than players waste n number of hours for something that could change weekly :( Unless the new daily missions interface will allow searching for specific missions.

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