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Hi folks,

I'm playing a ranger and I may have (I guess) a lack of information regarding ...
"While doing everything possible to avoid a third Great Swarm, the Rangers keep close watch on the Kitins, eliminate the overly curious scouts, and develop new fighting techniques and discretionary tactics."

I have the four ranger paths in each region but I'm missing any ranger paths to/from the four regions in the roots or any ranger paths inside a root region. Furthermore I'm missing any ranger paths to/from or inside the Minor Nexus.

How should it be possible for the Ranger faction to "keep close watch on the Kitins" if a Ranger has so far to walk to the mentioned regions? Are there any Ranger path as described or are there planned to be implemented (maybe soon) or I have a lack of information finding the (possibly) existing Ranger paths in the roots and minor nexus.

Hints are very welcome.
Many thanks

PS: OOC: native language German, foreign language english. No french or other languages :)

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They are still implementing the Ranger faction/organization. All we have at the moment are the neutral tp's (both Kami and Kara), and the 4 'Pathways.' One from each main city to the Q250 zone in each region. Eventually they are going to have pathways to the Prime Roots. I believe it will be after they implement the Ranger Rite.

Keep your eyes pealed for Ranger meetings announced on your home page: Shift+W. Now that Ryzom has gone on Steam, the Devs have been very busy fixing bugs, making sure everything works with Steam, etc. so hopefully they can refocuss on implementing game play now :)
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