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I have just returned to Ryzom, and I know I have an apartment. I thought it was in Zora and I thought I knew where but nothing allows me entrance. I double checked in Pyr (I am fyros) and nothing. At least I have access to the items in the apartment but would like to be able to get into the place.

Is there some way to locate it? Or because of my long absence is it bugged and if so can it be fixed?

Thank you


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Welcome back Mimm :-)

Depends on how long you've been gone. If you last played before the server merge its probably gone. Worth contacting support.

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Hello Mimm and welcome back! I suggest you try the desert and especially one of the outlying towns! If you still have no luck, check the RyzHome web app via shift+W and see if you need to activate the access. If you still cannot find it, please contact support via ingame ticket and we can help you directly.


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Thank you! I will take one more look around Zora, then look around the desert towns. If that doesn't work I'll contact support.

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btw, i maybe found a way to find out where apartment is using ryzom api... need to collect data though, if you wanna help contact me in game :D


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obviously no way with API


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there is, using <building>
but need to get all building number -> place correspondance


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building locations



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Once again, awesome Karu!
now only gotta figure where which .place is, but at least we can already find the city


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Wow. Nice one :)


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