Would you like to see story tellers in the game?
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Yes and I would like to write stories.
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I think it would be great to having roving story teller NPCs in the game. They could have missions that unlock the beginning of a story. These stories could be lore or "fan fiction" written by players.
The next part of the story would activate and display when you got to the next location which you could be led to by either map markers or clues. This could be activated by either interacting with an NPC, item or by reaching a certain location (similar to the cartography occupation).
Once you had completed a story it could appear as an encyclopedia like entry so you could read the whole story or an expanded version of the story.
I believe this would encourage players to read the lore and explore different parts of Atys.

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With the exception of the "story teller" aspect, what you have described is the Encyclopaedia missions.  They were never fully implemented, but according to the reports they are being worked on now.


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This might not be exactly the same as what you are proposing, but there is some interesting ideas in the works right now :).

Check out your home page and look under "Level Design news."

Or alternately: forums>Official news>Level Design news.

(Notice the Hawkers and Scribes on pictures 11 and 12)

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One of the few missions I ever attempted from Fairhaven was similar to this. It took me to a tribe over in WoM. I don't remember exactly all of it.

But it was telling a story. I think it also gives some type of gear.

I do like this idea. As I was reading Yarni's entry I envisioned an NPC like an old man, sitting kind of slumped over.

But the stories I thought if it telling were the ones the players keep telling of how it used to be.

I wonder if there would be a way to incorporate the players stories of their journey through Ryzom with the game lore of the journey from the old lands....

Just a thought.


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