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The first idea is quite simple and straight forward to explain, whether it will work in practice I don't know. However I would like the ability to 'Jump' in the game, as there are many areas I have already encounted where a simple jump could have saved a few minutes of slow running travel time. Whether you will be able to encorporate it in or not, I don't know, but it would be a massively improving (and freedom feeling) feature if it could be implemented.

My second idea has a few links to my reasoning for my 'Jump' idea, as in giving a better sense of freedom, and realism. Firstly I can understand certain buildings, fences, and other objects in the game extending their invisible wall a small amount around them, as with all games, however I have seen very large gaps in between two objects that I could easily fit through without a problem, again this would be a nice feature to improve on, just to add that extra improvement to the game, a better sense of freedom and realism. Again, I'm not sure how easy this would be to do in practice, however both my ideas don't seem to ambitious and are just meant as little improvements that would make a big difference.

Thanks for reading, I really, really do hope you consider and perhaps look more into how you can use this idea. Enjoying the game so far.

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First i like that it doesn't have jump. And due to Z axis not really being implemented at all, it would be a big piece of work to do.

+1 for your second idea though :)


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Well the first idea is more a personal want and perhaps one that other players may like the idea of, but i don't expect it to appeal to everyone as with most opinions and personal ideas.

The second one is something more created for the benefit of everyone, as i see this as something that would be an overall game improvement that everyone would definitely want.

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Fully agree.

When something looks pass-able it should be.

In dunes, I can go up on ramps higher then long but in Lakes I fail when something is still longer than high.
And in Lakes, jumping down bridges or cliffs would be very nice.

Is it so difficult to define and connect walk-able poligons or triangles in the level?

About the xyz-axis problem - it IS implemented. I can go up stairs and walk above another walk-able area.

Jumping could be implemented with an "invisible hill".

But jumping should not be a special action, it should be done automatically when you walk into a direction you can not walk but jump.

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Are you ready to take damage/"die" if you go over a cliff?


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"But jumping should not be a special action, it should be done automatically when you walk into a direction you can not walk but jump."

Just teleport the player to the other side of an obstacle. Sure this isn't jumping but it will help people focus on enjoying the game instead of figuring out where the other side of a fence is. If someone wanted to rip the code apart to add true jumping functionality I'd have to assume it would already be a feature. The reality is that there could be unintended consequences if the feature ever does get fully added. This could include for example a plethora of issues that never used to be issues such as: missing collision detection in places that never needed it originally.

So in my mind, at least for now or until someone wants to donate a large sum of money, the jump topic can at least be mitigated by automatically teleporting players past the most simple and tedious obstacles. I can't imagine this would be too difficult given the very specific types of obstacles and the lack of requiring functionality that wasn't originally included in the code structure.

Additionally, while Bitbucket offers multiple version control solutions unlike Github, more exposure is crucial for a large project such as Ryzom. If the Ryzom team is willing to switch from Mercurial to Git, and Github is affordable, I think it may just be the best direction for the project in the long run. Maybe someone there will be willing to take on the task of implementing jumping and all the side effects it may bring to the table.

Just my 2 cents :)

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Just curious, how hard would it be to implement some 'Climbing' in the game? I am thinking of something where it is only in certain areas, kind of like the Lara Croft games. In those games, some jumping is in the game, and some climbing, but not everywhere. There might be some areas where climbing up a cliff of vines to a plateau might help us, or climbing up some roots would lead us to new areas. :)

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