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Many new players have been asking about Outpost Battles. At the moment you have to be level 200+ to take any active part. Low level players cannot do any real damage against high level players. As we all know, there are Outposts in low level regions as well as high level regions. It makes no sense that high level players can dominate these low level battles.

Why not limit max magic and melee levels to match the level of the region the OP is in. This would trigger when a player enters the battle zone and declares for the defence or attack. So at an OP in a 50-100 zone the max level melee or magic would be limited to 100.

Max HP would have to be limited too.

This would enable new players and low level players to participate fully in Outpost Battles. High level players could still participate but with their skills limited, enabling all players to fight on a level playing field.

This would effectively open up an aspect of PvP for new players and let's face it - its great fun so why should only high level players be able to participate? 

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If we were to experiment with scaling I'm not sure OPs would be the best place to start. Also, Q50 players already complian about thier difficulty in making dappers, so I doubt there will be many attacks from level 50 guilds, etc

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-1 Beginner have to train before fight.

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good point...
i never understand how OP works...

quiet difficult to get this kind of information, I think :(
would you plesae add some link about it ? Thanks :)


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I'm not sure if there is a link somewhere Craftjenn, but just to summarize it:

1) Attacking guild spends dappers to declare on OP.

2) Attacking guild chooses date of the phase 1.

3) Defending guild chooses date of phase 2.

4) On Phase 1, attacking guild must win a number of rounds to meet the minimal treshold requirements (normally minimal treshold on OP is 5).

5) To win a round, the attacking guild must kill all the NPC guards that spawn during that round. You must win consecutive rounds to meet minimum requirement. The job of the defending guild is to stop you from killing guards by killing you first.

6) On phase 2 defending guild now has to kill the NPCs and win the same amount of rounds as the attacking guild got on phase 1. The attacking guild on this phase must stop the defending guild from killing guards.

7) Whoever got most rounds on their phase wins the OP. A tie gives the victory to defending guild. 24 hours later you can put your drill on the OP and the OP mats go directly to your Guild Hall.

I don't like this system because it clearly favors the side with more people. It would be very hard but still possible for the smaller side, if they're smart enough, to win phase 1. Because you just have to kill the guards, not the other players. But it's impossible for them to win phase 2, because a smaller force couldn't kill a much larger force.

Plus that fact that Ryzom combat has no collision detection or friendly fire means people can just stack in a healing blob and refuse to move at all, just healing each other nonstop.

With that said, yes sure I'll +1 the idea. Anything that brings some changes to how OPs are at the moment is a good thing. ^^


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someone gave me an other link with some explainations, but un french - i think it can help newbies...

Here is this link:


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I like this idea a lot but just some points to consider:

Would you want to allow people to wear high level gear? If yes then PvP jewels would make magic obselete and other protective gears would do similar things as well.

If no, you would also have to limit craft+dig skills to ensure people can't wear higher level gear. Also for players to craft themselves lower level gear for the purposes of these OPs most will need more incentive than just a bit of fun and low level OP mats, which are often given away for free (hey Placio :P).

If decalres are going to happen, higher leveled players will probably have to foot the bill. Therefore once again there will need to be more incentive for them to pay up (although some probably won't see an issue with the dappers).

As Riku said, change is a good thing and this could open up a new world of low-level friendly pvp, which is currently lacking. Also just to add as bugs are a natural part of Atys' ecosystem there are a few worrying possibilities with this such as the level limit bugging out and not going away after the war, or not applying to some players meaning a level 250 slaughters the other side in a few nukes.



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A. I think you have to tred lightly here because it would require massive re-writing of the game mechanics in the code to make this work, for reasons stated by Virg and just to get it to work properly, or would masters need to make new action stanzas in their action bars?? Or would it be an automatically reduced spell you are casting in a 'Zone' (the OP perimeter) so that you can use your usual spells? How you going to make that work?

B. I like a the Idea of making smaller OP's worthwhile or valuable, by letting you use them to craft higher level gear by using for example, 5x q50 OP mats to equal 1 q250 (q50+q50+q50+q50+q50=q250) or for example a q100 OP (q100+q100+q100=q250) [you must equal or exceed the desired level you want to craft]
This will make the lower OP's valuable. But sorry, that is for another thread.

Note: however, i realize this does not answer the point about allowing lower level players from joining in an op fight.
I joined my first op fight at level 100 melee ~ish. I had a fun time. Everyone can join in, nothing keeps them from not joining! I was useless as a melee, but had fun still.
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