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When i complete the task:

Kill 10 Peaceful Slavenis
Speak to Nomis

I didn't get the reward:

q25 Apprentice Gown (light vest)

The loot windows didnt appear on my screen. Sometimes bubble chat doesn't appear too. I just need to move with A and D to show them.

I'm on Linux Ubuntu 64 bits with radeon libre driver.

The Support interface to report a bug doesn't work to i have this error when i try to go on this window:

Error : Connection Timeout : ...

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1. If you back up your viewpoint a little (if you were using a short camera distance) you will get much more reliable appearance of the loot window, bubble chat and such. If you are playing with a far camera, try moving in.

2. In the report window if you get that error then click on "Customer Support" in the left hand pane of the window the actual submission form should appear. (That one happens to me in Win 7 with NVIDIA.)


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Thank you for your answer

1. It's not a problem with camera but chat bubbles completely disapear like for no reason.

2. No changes when i click on "Customer Support" :(

I use the Linux client, maybe there are more bgs in this version of the client.

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Do you have enough place in inventory to get the item?


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If all fails, you can contact Support by email:

Also see How to get Support


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Is it possible you did not have enough space in your inventory to accept the item? I remember something about if players did not have enough bulk free that the item would not be offered...

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yes, becaus i am using linux too, and no issue with this missions...

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Thanks to provide your Ubuntu (I use 14.04 LTS 64bits) and what is the client you are using...
I used the v2 version, and now the v3... and I can create tickets IG...
By the way, the message you get look like a firewall issue... to check, can you try to shut it down, and test ?


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