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What you do think about this Free to Play model?
Implement this!
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This is good with minor adjustments.
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I do not think this will help Ryzom.
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I like the current Free to Play model. Do not change.
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#31 [en] 

As someone who has played many other MMOs and is currently paying for more than one, Your points are quite valid. Here are some things to consider.

1) f2p --> p2p ---> f2p transition is coming, it is officially announced. This will be a big deal, lots will return.

2) IF you can afford it as an "entertainment bill" (by cutting something you don't need even) it's basically an investment. Is new stuff coming? Actually... yes... for the first time in a long time.

3) If you support the game the changes that need to happen are more likely than if you do not. Similarly if you sread that idea to newbies, and friends, and in the form of reviews etc, actualisation is more likely than not

It's kind of an "if you can afford it you might as well"

Vanity items and skins, non combat things,would quite possibly save the game in terms of money problems. I expect it will happen one day. Till then they need us.


#32 [en] 

Every player can see that what make Ryzom unique is the roleplayer comunity.
In front of all the other MMORPG, if you want to succeed you have to improve what you are the best in, because Ryzom will always be a niche game.
So if there is a game who could the most profit of cosmetic microtransaction model, this is Ryzom.

Pay to win ( like double xp, stat cap,...) is not a good model, cause Ryzom is the MMORPG where "wining" is the less meaningfull, and its not what drive player compare to other games.

All right, this is a lots of works to change the model and do cosmetic stuff, but begining by selling pets with no hiting box and who are just a mini model of existing mobs is that dificult to do in middle term ? instead implementing fishing and other stuff ?

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#33 [en] 

+1 for the microtransactions model

#34 [en] 

Loved and I had a chat last night and some ideas that came from this are:

Keep monthly/yearly subs that provides only:
  • double xp for the time paid
  • a special non-storage (only follows player, also does not fight, aggro, etc) pet (made from pool of existing mobs), or cosmetic item for every full year that a player subs to reward long term support.
Microtransactions that can provide players (EDIT) *with dappers* to buy:
  • extra permanant storage
  • cosmetics (not including long term sub items)
  • pets (not including long term sub pets)
  • xp catalyzers
  • more things that other players make
  • (EDIT) packs of additional map markers
(EDIT) This hopefully adds more dappers to the economy and provides more meaningful sinks in which to spend them.

I'm not sure where guild related benefits would fall but I suspect they should remain as they are with the subscription model.

I do not think buying xp cats or getting double XP is pay to win. As Fifi points out, the term "winning" is not applicable to Ryzom. I think players should be able to accelerate the progression of their toon if they desire as they may be vets making a new toon, don't like to grind, have limited time, want to catch up with friends. Experience Points are not nearly as meaningful here as finding teams, making friends, and gaining actual knowledge about how the game works. That is if you don't learn how to construct effective actions from stanzas and learn when to use them, learn the traits of weapons and armor, the strength and weakness of mobs and tactics your toon levels will have little meaning.

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