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Wow... And I didn't have to fix any links :) Even the IG app knows where it went. I'm impressed

The 4 year old thread is still there tho. Thread 22 last time I looked

Forums » General » English » Bunny Tools Are Back !

Also can we get all the IG apps in here so they all in one place ?

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OP REGISTRY (Version 3.1)

We have several OP Registry IG Apps already but this one is bit different.

H U G E shout out to Karu for taking this from an old spreadsheet file and making it into such a functional and attractive app.

As the creators of some previous apps have left game or RL jumped in and kidnapped them, the registry apps are oft not kept up to date. This tool reads the OP Owners and Guild Logos from the server and updates whenever a OP changes hands. NOTE: This change is not immediate; it takes from 2 to 4 days from the end of 2nd round to pick up the change. If you are looking for a flower or an OP mat, this tool will tell you whom to contact.

Usage is simply, simply navigate to the Encyclopedia section of Bunny Tools and select OP Registry.

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Exe Mats Availability Guide

We have asked various guild on Atys to participate in the collection of this data which will comprise the next Bunny Tool.  See Post 13 for latest version but this is where we'll update who is working on what:

Burning Desert - Fluffy Bunnies
FyrosFreddy / Marhari

Aeden Aqueous - Spirtus Artificus
Hijati / Mehtori

Jungle - Fluffy Bunnies

Forest - Fluffy Bunnies
FyrosFreddy / Irith

If you want to join the effort, please send Fyrosfreddy at PM and advising what your guild or you individually would like to work on. Nexus and PR are next to be tackled.

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Excellent Mats Availability Guides

The Excellent Mats Availability Guides map, in table format, the seasons, time (Day / Night) and weather for all Excellent Grade Harvesting Materials. In order to use these maps, you will need to understand Atys Weather.

First thing to know about the weather on Atys is that it has nothing to do with '"climatalogical conditions" (rain, fair, thundery, etc) that you see on the map. The only accurate indicator of weather that exists is the weather map on BM Web Site.

Upon arriving on the BM site, (, click on the Atys Date which is shown as 06h - Dua, Pluvia 14, 3rd AC 2588 in blue text in the image below.  Under the calendar bar chart, you will see "weather graph (click)" in light text.  Click on it.

The weather graph lists the weather for the nine (9) regions.  Since, in all likelihood, at any given time, you will be focusing on just one (1) region, clicking on the names of  of the regions on the horizontal axis, will "turn off" those regions in which you are not currently interested.

The image may be confusing in the the horizontal lines on the graph have two "good" and two "bad" regions.  The line between the two goods / bads may be ignored.  Each horizontal line represents a 0.167 increase along the vertical axis.  There are only four (4) weather patterns ...

Best Weather = 0.000 => 0.167 Humidity (vertical axis)
Good Weather = 0.167 => 0.500
Bad Weather = 0.500 => 0.833
Worse Weather = 0.833 => 1.00

This image below is a representation of the BM Weather Graph for the Desert region (Fyros).  Where the orange line crosses the red line is the current weather.  In this instance, I have clicked on all the other regions to make them "grayed out" except for Fyros Lands.

In the image above you see a representation of what happens when you mouse over the region "Fyros", you will get a little pop up window telling you that the weather is "Best / 0.100"

Each horizontal line indicates a numerical value increase of 0.167.  The darker shaded areas are night time and **remember** mats only pop during day or night.  In the linked images below, "day" (03:00 - 22:00) is indicated by black text on a white background, "night" (22:00 - 03:00) by white text on a black background.  Areas which have not as yet been mapped for weather, use an open circle for "day" and filled in circle for "night".

Upon completing the Desert Region, it was determined that:

- There was no significance to the division line on the graph between the 2 good and 2 bad regions.
- Spot checking lower regions (50 - 200) revealed that weather patterns heal throughout all regions.
- All materials pop during two different weathers only.

While every weather availability was confirmed for every mat in every weather (all 6) in the 250 zone (Scorched Corridor), no attempt was made to verify every mat / weather pattern in remaining regions.  Loria was also checked extensively and each mat was confirmed to pop in two different weathers.  Once this was shown, no attempt as made to confirm that additional weathers were negative.

Spot checks were made in Forest and Jungle and also and found to be consistent with other regions. Three (3) exceptions known at this time ... Pha, Sha and Zun in Void (250) have different seasonal, time and weather patterns.  The following images are large and best viewed out of game in your browser.

Burning Desert
Exe Mats Availability Guide - Desert

Aeden Aqueous
Exe Mats Availability Guide - Lakes

Exe Mats Availability Guide - Jungle

Verdant Heights
Exe Mats Availability Guide - Forest


1.  IG Tool now in game.  Type "/appzone 1823"
2.  Nexus is Mapped
3.  Mapping Prime Roots regions

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Excellent Mats Availability Guide (In Game Version)

Preview here:

The In Game Excellent Mats Availability Guide can be launched from the Main Page in the Encyclopedia Section, by clicking on Exe Resource Info:

Again this guide maps, in tabular format, the seasons, time (Day / Night) and weather for all above ground Excellent Grade Harvesting Materials. In order to get the relevant information for your Harvesting Expedition, select the appropriate condition in the four (4) drop downs.

Region - Desert, Forest, Lakes or Jungle
Season - Spring, Summer, Autumn or Winter
Material - Amber, Seed, Fiber, Bark, Sap, resin, Oil, Shell, Wood or Wood Node
Quality Level - 050, 100, 150, 200 or 250

For this example, I'll assume that I am on the hunt for Forest Exe Shu and Buo Fibers at QL 200 and it's in Summer so my selections are:

Forest - Summer - Fiber - 200

Hitting the "SHOW INFO button results in the following:

We see that there are four (4) regions in Forest where we can dig this material. At the bottom, the Yellow Sun symbol is used to indicate that the material is available during the "day" (03:00 - 22:00) and the Full Moon / New Moon symbol is used to indicate that the material is available during the "night" (22:00 - 03:00). Where both symbols are present, there is no time restriction.

-In HH, we see that Forest Shu Fiber is available in Best and Good Weather during the day and that Forest Buo Fiber is available in Bad and Worse Weather during the night.

-In HS, we see that Forest Shu Fiber is available in Best and Good Weather during the day and that Forest Buo Fiber is available in Bad and Worse Weather during the night.

-In UB, we see that Forest Shu Fiber is available in Best and Good Weather during the day and that Forest Buo Fiber is available in Bad and Worse Weather during the night.

-In Nexus, we see that Forest Shu Fiber is available only in Bad Weather at any time and that Forest Buo Fiber is available in Bad Weather at any time.

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Very nice work!

I'm trying your tool but I don't have the excellent mats table, any reason for this?



Légions Fyros

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Very nice work!

I'm trying your tool but I don't have the excellent mats table, any reason for this?


Thank you.... it was a ton of effort but worth I think if peeps find it useful.

As for availablity, it hasn't been officially released yet.  From Post 20

1.  IG Tool now in beta.
2.  Nexus is Mapped
3.  Mapping Prime Roots regions

Still doing some final tweaks, usability improvements.  Was hoping for this weekend, but might not make it.

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The next tool we will be working on is "Crafting Ranges". You can see the discussion in the thread here.

The original formulas and other info came from patch release notes. As items were tweaked in the early years, patch notes would make mention of the changes and a CSR authored forum post usually explained what was done and how. So the original formulas have changed over the years and have not tested if they are up to date. Here's what we are currently working off:

Updated 2018-01 - With Version 3.1 being released (see Post ??), removing the old images. Will leave the links for "historical purposes".

2H Weapons -

1H Weapons Part 1 -
1H Weapons Part 2 -

Armors -

Shields -

This tool started over 10 years ago with formulae and limits that were current at that time. Patches have tweaked those formulae and limits over the years as devs sought to balance the game and the tool was updated when got wind of same. Post merge I paid little attention till recently and tho many crafts were tested, I passed on those that required 150+ exe's to test :)

The numbers will be close estimates for reasons better explained in Arc's post here:

Crafting and Math

EDIT: As those who read the last Patch Notes already know, the speed was not displaying correctly. Lopyrech did some experiementing and came up with the following

Weapon Precraft - Precraft Boost

Dagger: 81.82 - 83.33
Staff / 1H Sword: 87.52 - 95.26
1H Mace / 1H Axe: 94.14 - 88.56
1H Spear: 93.05 - 89.92
2H Sword: 90.48 - 92.10
2H Mace / 2H Axe: 91.33 - 91.29

What that means is ... To get a Max Speed Dagger, you need just 81.82% in the Precraft Window ... To get a Max Speed Rubbarn Boosted Dagger, you need just 83.33% in the Precraft Window

Original Post (French)
Translated Post (English)

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If ya using the BM Fame Tracker, and find that ya getting attacked by a tribe for which your fame is -50.08, you may find that you cant get into see the Tribe Welcome cause all the guards want to go 'boink boink" on ya head with heavy or pointed sticks.

BM Fame Tracker

Like all Bunny Tools, they began life in 2005-2006 as a Spreadsheet.  The tool is divided into several sections by column:

Who, What and Where

A - Tribes
B - Race
C - Faction (Religion)
D - Location

Character Related - This image is FF's chart so it reflects only those with same faction (Kami) / Citizenship (Atys) / Race (Fyros) ... and not sure it is now outdated due to changes.  I had 3 other volunteers, so one of each race, but all were kami.  In all likelyhood, if Kara, Marauder or Ranger, you probably have have different numbers.

E  thru  H - Starting Fame for a Kami dude / dudette
I & J - This column is where you can record your fame
K thru N - Maximum Fame for a Kami dude / dudette
O - How much Fame you need to max out your fame

In-Camp Fame Givers - There is a minimum fame requirement to take these missions

P - Tribe Chief
Q - Outpost Officer
R - Tribe Welcomer ( > -65 Fame)
S - Local / Frontier / Outlands Supplier (> 0 Fame)
T - Master / Apprentice Overseer ( > 0 Fame)
U - Ambassador to Higher Powers ( > 0 Fame)

Wandering Fame Givers - The 1st three ( T thru V) have no fame requirements .. The last two require fame > 0.

V - Patroller (No Fame Req't)
W - Scout (No Fame Req't)
X - Journeyman (No Fame Req't)

Y - Prospector ( > 0 Fame)
Z - Hunter ( > 0 Fame)

If ya want a copy of the Spreadsheet so you can track your own fame, see instructions at end of this post.

The NPC list below represents the most complete list of confirmed Tribe NPCs available ... With a new version of Yubo Maps on hold ,,, looking for suggestions on getting these mapped.  Find an unlisted NPC see the Bunny Fame Challenge Post in the separate comments thread.

BTW, if ya wanna use a macro to find NPCs in a specific region, you can use the following as a model:

The formula for fame is (104 - Current Fame) / 104. So if you get 1.00 fame points doing a mission at Fame = 0.00 (Base Fame = BF) , then at level 78 you would get :

BF x (104 - CF) / 104
1.00 x (104 - 78.00) / 104 = 0.25
1.00 x (-104 - - 78) / -104 = 0.25

EDIT:  This formula was developed prior to recet fame changes (May, 2019) and has not been re-confirmed.

Tech Tip - You can create a Macro to find the wandering NPCs or any difficult to find Mobs that chnage by season

1. Hit System / Macros / Creat New Macro
2. Select a name say "Target Missions" and a key combo
3. Category = Actions / Action = Target an Entity
4. Name of Entity to Target = let's say "Leering Izam" (don't type the quotes)
5. Click OK and exit game
6. In your save file look for the file named keys_[your toon name].xml
7. Save this file as keys_[your toon name].old
8. Reopen the original file and scroll down to the bottom and you should find your macro and highlight copy the line in green text.

<macro name="Target Missions" id="23" back="0" icon="0" over="0" text="">
<command name="target" params="entity=Leering Izam"/>

8. Make it look like this by pasting in the command line you just copied and then editing the wandering mission givers and any hard to find mobs

<macro name="Target Missions" id="23" back="0" icon="0" over="0" text="">
<command name="target" params="entity=Leering Izam"/>
<command name="target" params="entity=Grunting Capryni"/>
<command name="target" params="entity=Ba'Neppy Machen"/>
<command name="target" params="entity=Be'Lauppy Derren"/>
</macro>Obviously, spelling is important

EDIT: This tool will not likely be incorporated into the IG Bunny Tools App ... however an updated copy of the spreadsheet version will be available through Rocket Chat. Send a PM to Fyrosfreddy on Rocket Chat requesting the Fame Tool and the file will be sent back to you. Log in to RC from your browser and you should be able to d/l. This post may be edited as things change.  The current tool is based upon Fyros Toon but for now, you can use the Starting and Max fames from Moniq's tool until the other race versions are checked.

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Above image has been edited to include additional wandering NPCs (blue text) and to present this challenge.

Bunny Fame Challenge

Also a note regarding chasing Tribe Fame. When ya are doing Tribe Fame, it's going to affect faction and Race Fame. And as we all know, charging the Transport System at NH is the fastest way to raise Race Fame.

At around Race Fame = 50, each mat handed into NH will net:

500 Dappers
50 Race Points
0.33 Fame

Theoretically 36 mats will therefore produce 12 points. But this would need to be scaled as we know that the dapper and point payouts scale with Fame Level.

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Bunny Tools 3.02

Minor correction in Exe Resource Tool (KoD Jungle region level corrected)


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Bunny Tools 3.03

Minor correction in 1H Mace HQ Crafting Materials Tool. Number of Fibers and Node mats has been corrected.

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Bunny Tools 3.10 has been released

Since it's inception some 10-12 years ago, the Craft Ranges Tool has been among the most popular.  It first came into existence as a crude Spread Sheet based tool based upon formulae published in Patch Notes and supplemented by user testings.  These where updated over time based upon subsequent patch notes and / or changes that were posted in forums or picked up by various individuals.

Around 2010 - 2011 it was distributed when requested as an XLS file.  Around 2015 - 2016, a JPG image was placed on the forums and, if interested, the links can be seen above in Post # 24.  At that time the formulae were checked against the in game code base and fined tuned accordingly.  Rounding errors are usually within +/- 1.

As of today (2018-02-03), thanks to a generous gift of time to do the WebIG programming, a "Crafting Ranges Module" has been added to Bunny Tools. The Spreadsheet version has also been updated and will be available shortly.  This is set up with a sheet fo all of the in Game variable, so that if thise variables chnage, making that adjustment will automatically update the tables.  If you wish a copy of the SS file for your usage, please send FF an IG mail with an appropriate out-of-game e-mail address.  This is being updated over the next few weeks but current state will be in the next post.

To access the module Open BT and select "Crafting Ranges" from the masthead on the left hand side.

1. The first drop down provides access to the individual craft class categories.

2. For the second, type in the craft level (10 - 250)

3. If you have completed the Fyros Story 2 Durability Rite, check the box for the Durability Bonus.

4. If you are using a Rubbarn Tool and want to see what results the Rubbarn Boost will provide, check the box for the Rubbarn Boost.

5. Select the Grade of the Craft whether Basic, Medium or High Quality from the Drop Down.  For some reason, this makes no difference for Ranged Crafting.

6. If you would like to see the possible craft range results with 0 % to 100 % Pre-Craft, check the Min. / Max. Box.

7. Hit the CALCULATE Button and type in the Pre-Craft % for each Charcteristic in the next window.

1.  The top number in each row is the result you will get with the associated pre-Craft % at left.  So for "Damage" on a 2H Axe, you are looking at 729 with rubbarn boost.

2.  Uncheck the "Rubbarn Boost" box and you see that the range w/o Rubbarn is 331 - 662.

3.  Note that these numbers do not include any modfiers such as Hit Rate, Increase Damage, etc.

4. If ya don't wanna see the range of possible results, just what that Pre-Craft % will deliver for your craft, you can unchek the Min. / Max. box for a cleaner screen.  Because of the way the game rounds or sometimes drops decimals. not all results are exact.

5. Note that for daggers, the max possible result for speed is 66 hpm and this is what will show in the craft windows. There is however an "unseen cap" of 60 hpm so for damage purposes, the actual max speed in game = 60 hpm.

Anticipate working with Arcueid to get these results imported into Kipee Craft.

NOTE: Please put comments, suggestions, bugs ideas etc. in this thread

Bunny Tools 3.0 - Bugs, Ideas, Feature Requests, Comments

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Spreadsheet Versions of Above:

Armor and Shields:

2H Melee Weapons / 1H Melee Weapons

2H Ranged Weapons / 1H Ranged Weapons

Magic Amplifiers:


The way these work is the blue text is editable.  Put in the Craft Level and the quality bonus appropriate for BQ, MQ. HQ.  pick either 1.0 or 1.2 appropriate as to whether using rubbarn tool and put 0 instead of 20 if you haven't done the durability rite.  Then just put in the pecraft % and ya numbers will auto generate

Righ now working on some of the rounding errors, trying to figure whether to round, round up or trancate.  Will advise as soon as completed.

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