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do you agree with this or not ?
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#1 [en] 

I am a new player and i noticed that the info option when you right click npc and creatures doesnt show anything. I was thinking that it would be cool if they showed the general habits of the creature as posted on the website lore guide for them or made it interactive and as you kill or watch the creatures new information appears when you do info on them.

#2 [en] 

1. seems difficult to code
2. it would be too esay :)


#3 Multilingual 

Multilingual | Français
Je suis un nouveau, et j'ai remarqué que dans les infos, en faisant un clic droit sur un PNJ et sur les mobs ca n'affiche pas grand chose.

J'ai alors pensé que ca serait cool si cela affichait les habitudes des mobs, avec les infos qui sont sur la lore, ou encore ajouter la possibilité d'interagir avec la lore de facon à ce que quand on tue ou qu'on regarde un mob cette information apparaisse dans les infos sur eux.


#4 [en] 

I think I like better the idea that you have to post your own information about the Mob as you learn about it and its characteristics. It make you do some studying. Then you can add information as you learn more.
Same with the NPC's. There is an Information tab for them too. :)

#5 [en] 

For the mobs, I would not object to it redirecting the person to the BM mob info page.

#6 [en] 

This would be cool to see something about the habitat, social nature, aggressive nature, seasonal migration patterns...all very cool little tidbits that could be added to it!

#7 [en] 

Before the merge i had see that the info option was allowing us the write personnal note on the monster directly but this had disapear before i can really try it.


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#8 [fr] 

C'est la communauté et ton expérience qui t'aideront à connaitre les mobs et leurs caractéristiques


#9 [fr] 

Un truc comme ça peut toujours servir. Mais je pense que ça devrait plus être fait par un addon développé par les joueurs que par les dév officiels, qui ont d'autre chat à fouetter en ce moment.

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#10 [en] 

Well, i would said it shouldn't be too hard to do. (to make possibility to write stuff yourself in it). But i doubt anybody will do it before WG said that they would use it, if someone was going to program it. Because nobody wants to do the work and then hear that it won't get used in Ryzom, because Info wasn't supposed to be used for that or whatever.


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