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Well I have 100Mb cable and have zero issue with any games including Black desert when it comes to ping.

In this game however i'm usually hovering around 200ms which is totally fine, but every minute or so my ping spikes to anywhere from 2,000ms to 8,000ms which causes the game to stall (not surprisingly) making it unplayable.

I want to play this but I'm going to need to figure out what Ryzom doesn't like about my connection.

System Win 10 64bit
Virgin Media Cable - 100Mb
Anti Virus - Kaspersky Internet Security
Playing Via Steam

Any idea's would be greatfully received.


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Danira I play on a Mac and Virgin Media 70mb optical. We all get PWs from time to time but your ping is peaking excessive.

I have heard that antivirus software can cause problems so maybe thats it.


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Well I'll certainly try disabling Kaspersky to see if there's any difference..

Thanks for the reply.

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Has disabling Kaspersky fixed the problem?


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Playing with Kapersky and no issues, ping constatnt 192 - 208, native client.

Are you seeing an image of two computers connected by a dotted line ? Some folks on steam have reported this and of those that did, switching to the native client resolved the issue. I don't know why this would be so, but it worked for the 2 folks who have tried so far so far.


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