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Visit the App Zone! Get R.O.X. now!

Or play instantly with the command /appzone 1799

Have you ever wondered how Ryzom would have looked 25 years ago? On a text only terminal? Wonder no more! R.O.X. is a small parody App in celebration of today's Steam launch for you to explore! I might continue on it and create a real game out of it, depending on the feedback.


> You are in front of the AppZone, you see an App called R.O.X.
What do you do?

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Love it <3

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*Chuckle* Guess what: First move: north - bumped into the tree.

Hach. Good old times.

Did anyone (german community) remember the old PaderMud?

"You see a parrot."
-> Pull leg of parrot
"Which leg?"
-> Pull both legs of parrot

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Thank you for your kind words!

I have several design choices to make, to convert this experiment into a larger project. And I would love to hear your opinion on this.

Should R.O.X. display a map? Ascii map of course. Like the later games did.

If not, should R.O.X. automatically announce the environment? I found it to spam alot during testing.

I can imagine adding characters + stats (rolling!), decision making for fight and forage, also crafting and plans. Maybe even a real MUD with other players visible...

Just throw your ideas at me, always happy to get some feedback :)

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I added some new thingies, crafting among them. Happy playing, maybe I can even add multiplayer to this little parody!



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