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As the title says, I would need to have the background of MC set to something that is not FULL BLACK.

The reasoning is simple enough: I work in an office, I would rather not advertise to everyone that I am visiting a "gaming" website (well, a glorified chat, but still..). So, a different background color would be a good start - so the website doesn't stand out when loaded in the browser.

Yes, I did ask for this already in a ticket, where things are considered with the usual speed, so I expect another 2-5 years before any implementation, if any.

So .. is there any way to do this client-side? I seem to remember the Greasemonkey plugin for browsers, but I am completely unfamiliar with it, nor am I good at deciphering the html of the MC page.

Any thoughts?

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firefox has stylish add-on, chrome has stylebot



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so I expect another 2-5 years before any implementation, if any.


Any thoughts?

I'm 6 months late, maby still faster? Like the previous guy said, with Firefox I use Stylish named addon and tried and with this style;

@namespace url(http://www.w3.org/1999/xhtml);
@-moz-document url("http://megacorp.io/") {
background-image: none !important; /* nice planet image away... */
background-color: white !important; /* make sure everythings white */
color:black !important; /* text to black */


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