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Hi all,

I was getting serious eyestrain because the text was so tiny in the UI at 1968 x 1020 resolution.

After talking with a very helpful GM and my own experimentation the only solution I found was by reducing the resolution (In my case down to 1368 x 700 or something like that).

The screen may be a tad darker or not as sharp but you will be able see the UI text better and you can always switch it back for exploration.


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A good tip Evilar - this is an FAQ for many new players.


It's bad luck to be superstitious . . .

Palta e decata, nan nec ilne matala.

When one goes on a journey it is not the scenery that changes, but the traveller

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Your welcome Arfur, anything I can do to help people avoid the pain I experienced. Also, you might want to post and FAQ that new players need to click on the "?" in character creation or just you will end up with that first random character (I never knew that until 4 days into it (with a gap of 2 years))
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