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Do you think Ryzom should be more responsible.
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Ryzom did not take out money in December or January as they were supposed to.

Then on the fifteenth of January and the sixteenth of January and on the fourth of February hit my bank account.

When I complained to a CSR they made me feel as though I were a thief trying to steal from Ryzom.

I feel if I subscribe for once a month, it should be taken out the same time each month.

They should not be in my bank account three times in two weeks.

I really feel Ryzom should be more responsible with other people's money.


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There was an error in the billing system, if you believe you were incorrectly charged send an email from the account connected to your subscribed character to support@ryzom.com. That is the only way to have it fixed- CSRs in-game cannot help you nor can the forums.

If you were subscribed in December and January, then of course those payments are owed. I'm not sure if the third charge was trying to collect for February, but this is literally the only time I've seen it happen in the 4 years I have been subbed.

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