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Hello there!

It's been a while - last time I played was the day of the first shutdown - but it seems my old account still exists and it's subscription only, so I assume my character > lvl 125 is still in there... :)

Anyways - the latest client is installed and I opened a new account for now to see how things are going and of curse I'll see stuff for myself, but maybe you can give me some insight...

Was there anything new added to the game since I last was on Atys? I already saw there's a new window that says something about Apps, but the maps, for example, look pretty much like they did back then.

The graphics don't looks as if they changed, but on 1920x1080 they still look surprisingly fresh - which I guess comes partially, because of the slightly cartoonish-look instead of an attempt at photorealism - that'd look dated now I bet. :)

As far as I can remember the last new thing ingame I witnessed were the outposts with the added GvG game.

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The graphics don't looks as if they changed
Watch for the Steam release :)

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Oh, If your last time here was in 2008, then there is a lot of new stuff, it just doesn't show on the maps. They are the same (well, mostly).

Occupations: Creation of items that are useful in game for things like enhanced healing, crafting boost, etc. Also useful for generating cash. Higher level occupations require visits to the Kitin Lair for materials.

Marauders as a player option, with a "city" and their own set of teleport locations.

Incoming: Rangers as a player option.

Following the merge of the servers: A *new* economy with levels for crafting tools and picks, and really lousy pay for low level materials.

Ryzom Forge and increased Player contributions to the game.

Welcome back.


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The graphics don't looks as if they changed
Watch for the Steam release :)

Looking forward to that, maybe it gives a good boost to te player count. :) Will there be new graphics when that happens?

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Oh, If your last time here was in 2008, then there is a lot of new stuff, it just doesn't show on the maps. They are the same (well, mostly).

Occupations (...) Marauders (...) Rangers (...) economy (...)
Ryzom Forge and increased Player contributions to the game.

Welcome back.

Thanks. :)

So we have more crafting options than before. The Marauders are the 3rd option besides Caravan and Kami, right? Rangers new? Correct me if I'm wrong - but aren't rangers the guys with the guns? I remember those. :) Economy... Okay.

How about "Story content"? When I left the one thing Ryzom was *really* lacking imo was a storyline one could follow by playing quests. I know those still boil down to "go somewhere and get something", but at least they have some added flair. So has something happened in that regard?

Oh, and I remember - back then Ryzom had nothing like what other games call "Dungeons" - places you go and explore in the frame of a quest or so, I guess you know what I mean.

To this day I think that Atys is one of the most unique place in any MMORPG (with 90% of them being your standard Dwarves and Elves and Dragons in the Middle ages - settings) and back then if I recall right word was that of course now that the basic game was set up it would get "stories" as one of the next steps, which then didn't happen, because Nevrax went down.

Has something happened in that regard? Even if not so I sure will play again for some time, if only for old time's sake and to see my old favourite places again, but in my opinion this world always deserved more than "just" to be the platform for harvesting, crafting and pvp (gvg, fvf).

Back when I left the editor for players already was out, but not that much had happened with it yet, but even if it is well used now (I dunno yet ^^) it feels different imo if you get a quest from a character in world or if you chose it from a menu... Does that make any sense? :)

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Will there be new graphics when that happens?

They have improved how the client renders the environment, not added or changed the graphics themselves. Using the beta versions I see smoother lines and edges, and more muscle tone on characters.

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There is hope!
Although the game is 10+ years old or so, from what I understand, it would take a massive re-write to make a new...well, game, not to mention a lot of money. But..! Within the present game, there is plenty of latitude to add stuff.

Presently, they are working on finalizing the Lore so everything else can follow behind in it. (Also, translating it in English, French, German, Russian and Spanish).

They recently made tools so graphics artists can use a free program called Blender to add graphics and content to the game. It is still being tested I believe, and they are looking for samples to test it with.

They are almost finished with a Matis Rite for the Encyclopedia and are going to do a Tyrker, Fyros and Zorai one also.

They are looking for writers to come up with new missions and ideas for the game, they consider 3 per week and no reasonable request is withheld they told me. (I think the question is if they have the help to implement the ideas). They are looking for volunteers!

Every monday they have Ryzom Forge meetings to discuss progress (See Forums>Ryzom forge for info and link to go to to be in the discussion).

They are going to release this game on Steam so i guess that means more influx of players.

They want to create more ambient music for the game, (Although personally, i wish they would fix the sound problem first, my sound is off so I won't crash)!

hmmm, i know there is other stuff, but basically we are all on one server now, Aniro+Leanon+Arispotle=Arispotle.

There is pvp in the game, not sure if you had it back then.

They are eventually going to add another faction too: Trytonists

They have been consolidating the Wiki

And... are you talking about the Ryzom Ring when you say 'Editor'? Yes, we all mourn the Ryzom Ring, but they did say they may bring back "Pocket worlds," which sounded like the Ring, but nobody is available to work on it atm, so we hope.

I'm sure I will think of more stuff after i end my post here....

And Welcome Back! :D

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There is hope!^

Indeed, sounds like there is. I get the feeling I might have come back at the right time. :) Here's to Steam and a possible, well deserved new chance for Ryzom that might come with it! :)

(no "massive re-write") Okay, that's kinda obvious, but since I didn't know how much already had happened in the past ... just checked the old forums, my last entry there is from december 2005... Wow, that long ago... I'm old!

(Lore) Yes, more story elements! Nice. :)

(Also, translating it in English, French, German, Russian and Spanish) Oh my - what's the original language it's written in? Esperanto? Thlinganeese? ;)

(blender stuff integration) Nice. Had a look at blender some years ago, mighty tool that. So let's see what comes of this.

(Rites) Okay, good, more what I'd call story content. Also about time those get finished. ;)

(lookiung for quest writers/ideas) Yesh! :D That, to me, sounds as *if* they're planning to add new quests!!!111oneone1!

(Volunteers, Forge meetings) Heck, I might even look into that at some point. But first let me acclimatize myself to Atys again. :)

(Steam) Weeee! Do you know if they'll stay with the f2p until 125 / monthly fee - model or are they planning to add a cash shop? And if so - what'll be in there? I have to say after the experience I just had with Neverwinter I personally would prefer to pay a monthly fee to unlock all options to microtransactions.

(More music) Okay.

(pvp) yyyyeeeeeeeeeesssssssss, we had it. Judging from my postings in the old forum the wonky implementation it had back then was one of the reasons for me to play less and less... ;)

Don't get me wrong, nothing against pvp in general - not if it's done right. Fighting for outposts (gvg), pvp events (fvf) and, if there has to be, some open for all areas too, but the way the latter were implemented back then kinda sucked:

First: it was buggy. You could chose "Karavan/Kami/Neutral" back then when you went there. One would think that Karavan and Kami then could fight with each other as much as they wanted, leaving the Neutrals to dig in peace. But the way it worked "Neutral" only meant that *you* couldn't attack other players at first ... Hooray! So some bleedin Yubobrains started hunting harvesters for a sport. Big "fun", since harvesting in some places already isn't really that save...

Second: Instead of adding special areas for the open pvp mode they just declared existing parts of the map now to be pvp, turning them into insta-no-go-areas for many harvesters and crafters, because of above mentioned Yubobrains.

That speciffic point wasn't so bad for me, since at that time I wasn't strong enough to wander around in the roots anyways, so I didn't feel like something had been taken away from me. But MANY people were REALLY angry. At about the same time WoW was released, so Ryzom started massively bleeding players...

IMO back then the much better option would have been to add new places as open pvp zones (like with the "pocket maps"). That way both sides would have been much happier - pvp would have been possible the way the pvp players wanted while the non-pvp players didn't have to feel like big chunks of the maps suddenly were being taken away from them. ^^

I'll have to see how it's implemented now and how ppl deal with it to know whether I like it or not.

(Trytonists) Okay, interesting.

(Ryzom Ring) Yes, that was it! Okay, so it doesn't exist right now in that form. But when they actually will create proper contend based on community ideas I don't mind that much - as long as there'll be *content*. :) (again - the *plattform* Ryzom already was damned cool, but it felt so empty of stories to interact with).

(more stuff) Thanks, you already told me a lot. :)

(Welcome Back! :D) Thnaaaax! :) Again - the way things are going I feel like I came back just at the right time. Back in the beta there was a real pioneer feeling, the community was really hyped about what Nevrax was creating, only for then sadly to go downhill from release on. Which was because of monetary issues and not them lacking ideas if I recall right, they couldn't afford to have people working on all issues at once like they were planning at first....

Remember the "Eight-Year-Plan"? The original creators certainly had some stuff planned for the game (adding new planets was one thing). Are they still involved in some way? Even if it's just telling what their rough ideas were so the community can maybe work on them?

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Welcome Back! :) As far as i know there aren't really many people remaining from Nevrax that work on Ryzom... iirc i heard that Kaetemi was already around there but not sure... David Cohen Corval, the creator of Ryzom, is still following more or less, but not as active development. Recently there has been an interview with him, it's somewhere here on the forums.


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Welcome back Kruge :-)

One big change is that we're all on one server now, so French / German / Spanish etc. mixing with us english speakers.

Apart from the obvious, like you may get conversations in different languages,  things developed differently on the other servers for 7-8 years and merging the lore (king dead in one, survived in another etc.) has been challenging.

Also the French in particular have a different attitude to RP than you may be used to.  Much stronger emphasis on RP - for instance I have been refused a res because I am Kara and my rescuer was Kami.  This caused a lot of upset at first but now we pretty much all accept it. 

I hope you stick around to enjoy Atys and have fun :-)


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I know this'll never happen and if it would then probably the numbers would be totally unbalanced - but imagine if all x-speakers player the Matis, y-speakers the Fyros etc.

And I guess I can live with the French not rezzing ppl from the other faction... Back when I left half of the guilds were swearing to KOS/never Rez the other guilds... ^^

Okay - I'll be on during the weekend I think. :)

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Reading you Arfur, I can add a comment.
Rangers aspirants can and have to help any homins (inside the limits of gamerules itself). :)


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To add one thing: There is no such beast as "The French". Some french players saw it as part of their RP not to rez others, others (k/k followers as well as marauders and neutrals) did, though, all times. After the merge I also heard about "the English" (and "the French") always dragging agro onto others etcetera. Do not believe a word ;).

There have been certain conflicts between different roleplay and gameplay cultures and traditions on the 3 servers after the merge. Not all of them have been resolved or reconciled in a satisfactory way - e.g. many roleplayers have withdrawn from RP, some from the game altogether.

If you come to Ryzom today, there is a very slim chance that somebody won't rez you because you are k/k or mara. Most likely reason for not being rezzed will be lazyness, as it always was :).


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Sweet - a forum client ingame, that's cool.

No worries - I like the French and the English and all the other people ingame (except the Liechtensteiners - I don't trust THEM!. ;)
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