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#1 [en] 

The Molly's Mansion App has been added to the App Zone!

What is it?

This App provides access to Molly's Mansion, a convenient place inside the Ryzom game with its own activities, items and rewards. It has been created to spend your precious time without ever leaving the game!

Waiting for a material to appear, for a boss to spawn or for a trek to start? Need something to do before you go to bed? Too lazy to get your smartphone or switch to a browser window?

Molly's got you covered. Welcome to the Mansion!

What does it offer?

  • individual progress and achievements, bound to the character (no additional login needed)
  • resume where you left off, everything is saved and restored when revisiting the mansion
  • currently 8 interactive minigames (rock paper scissors, hangman, mastermind, candy crush and more)
  • over 200 achievements to unlock
  • items and consumables
  • daily reward system
  • craft system
  • leaderboard system
  • collectables
  • dynamic global events

Are there any known problems?

  • clicking too fast may trigger a flood / refresh detection, please take your time esp. on slower connections

Isn't this just another pay to win smartphone app?

It looks and feels similar to those apps, but it has no advertising, no cash shop, no trial. The Mansion is free for everyone to enjoy!

How does it look?


If you have any ideas, suggestions or found something odd, use the build in feedback feature at the bottom of each page of the app. You can also post in this thread and discuss it with everyone.

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#2 [en] 

The Mansion has been updated with a settings menu! Players are now able to configure their background color and chose a specific page to display after launch.

#3 [en] 

Well done ! and congrats you beat me on time (if this is somthing we can say in english :o) for making a game app for diggers ^^

*look at his never finished 2 years old project*

Good job ^^


Les rĂªveries du yubo flaneur
The musings of the rambling yubo

#4 [en] 

Thank you very much! Please enjoy the App!

The Mansion has been updated and now works out of game aswell. This means you can start wasting your precious time in a normal browser, on smartphones, tablets etc...

The App should look and behave the same, only the Settings and Feedback options are not available out of game. Please report any bugs you encounter in this thread.

#5 [en] 

A critical bug, which prevented the handout of daily rewards for the days 4 and 7, has been fixed. Please enjoy the Mansion!

#6 [en] 

The Bakery has been added to the mansion! Mix and match existing items to discover new ones! Much more items and recipes will be added in the future.

#7 [en] 

A level progression system and experience points have been added to the mansion. This system will be used to unlock new content in the future. Happy leveling!

#8 [en] 

A new minigame has been added to the mansion for a total of 5! This bumps the currently available achievements to 98 and the maximum player level to 4.

Alot of effort has also been put into layout improvements and bug fixes during the past month.

Please have a look in the App Zone and enjoy the mansion!

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#9 [en] 

Summer has come to the mansion! Enjoy new items and recipes, unlockable player avatars, a new leaderboard to race for the highest score against other players and much more.

Thanks to the new ingame command /appzone it is possible to launch the mansion with a macro or just paste the following line to give it a try:

/appzone 1713

See you at the mansion!

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#10 [en] 

Over 14 newly added tutorials help new players to get started with the mansion! There are now over 110 achievements to unlock and many secrets to discover.

Stay tuned for more updates in the future!

#11 [en] 

Summer is coming to an end! The summer event (+ rewards) will be gone during the next weeks. Brace yourself for october 1st! Something spooky is waiting around the corner...

Collect your summer rewards before it's too late, see you at the mansion!

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#12 [en] 

The server hosting the mansion is currently being upgraded, the mansion and all apps are hopefully back online monday 26th.

Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

#13 [en] 

Halloween comes early in the mansion! New items, recipes, themes, achievements and more are waiting to be explored. The event is live until the end of november.

See you in the mansion!

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#14 [en] 

The wind is blowing glittering snowflakes through an open window into the mansion, while everyone is busy baking and decorating christmas cookies.

Winter has arrived - see you in the mansion!

#15 [en] 

Are you level 10 yet? New challenges and tasks are waiting for the loyal visitors! Molly's Lucky Charms? More likely than you think...

You get free experience points for simply visiting the mansion each day, don't be shy and give it a try!
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