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Hail Homins!
The Fyros Akenak desperately require your assistance, The drought in the burning desert continues to keep us deprived of water needed for our tribes. The Kind Tryker Taliars and the Tryker people have agreed to assist us once again in our time of need…However supplying us with the water needed is all they can do. Gracious homins we Akenak call on you to please gather water as you did last time to ensure that the desert is provided with the water we need! This time around the Caravan must consist of 34 packers and 459 barrel of water…This seems an easy task, However We only have two months to obtain this water or the caravan will leave as scheduled with or without the needed water.
My Blessings be with you kind homins to be of assistance in our time of need May Ma-duk or Jena guard your soul!

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