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Many times in this game it is easy to get lost in the mechanics of the game play and forget to "thank' the people who have helped me.

I don't think they would like their names mentioned here.

So I just want to say Thank You to a few:

To the person who was kind enough to notice my top had fallen off, as I was showing off my clothes, and went and got me new gear from their GH.

To the person who responded the next day to my request on uni to be trekked when they saw no one who had answered me. (No I had not been trekked yet.) And then proceeded to take me.

To the person who put the wonderful video on youtube showing a visit to the marauder camp that gave me such courage as I struggled without a guild or any kind of mara support.

To the one and only person who sent me a tell and told me they were sorry my dog died.

To the many people who have helped me with gear.

To the person who sent me a tell and said they didnt want to see me leave the game.

To the people who sent me a tell when I started a guild and said they would help me.

To every person who enrolled me in a guild. (or wanted to)

To the person who was brave enough to be my friend.

My point being there are some wonderful people in this game. I'm sorry if I forget to say "thank you' often enough and loud enough.

But I always have you in my heart.

Thank you,



The Clan

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