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For the anthem I already removed the 'values' section, except for saying that the federal governement must promote the values of Tryka, Meer, Sella. Anthems and mottos can be written as laws. In general I think that the constituion needs to lay out the organization and role of government, not every sinlge detail. (and I want to keep it simple so it will translate better for a multilanguage post)

The Kardali are crap and their 'constitution' needs to go. I would prefer that they are gone completely because of their abuse- the fact that there have been no elections since returning from the roots. But I guess if they returned to a less powerful role they might have a place.

I think I have requirements for the Taliari in there, but the definition of Taliar is the guild leader of a Crya.

If you have any more comments please use the google doc, but for now I am waiting to see if I can even get enough Taliari to support my document, or a revised version of it. I think I will need 4 taliari votes, I currently have 2 :/

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We disagree on the existence of the Kard'ali and I don't understand your comment on their abuse (on an OOC point of view, there hasn't been much activity at all, and this is OOC forum).
And we disagree on the fact that a Taliar should be the leader of his guild, because it means you cannot get a Taliar from an active tryker guild if the players who're leading them isn't interested in politics / isn't on the proper time zone / any other reason, limiting effectively the position to a handful of players.

I let the other interested players give their comments if they want, but I have nothing to add to what I already wrote.

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The links that I sent you Krill clearly show that the Kardali took power when the tryker people left the roots. They devised their own constitution, and denied the citizens or Taliari any participation in the process. According to their own constitution- there were supposed to be elections held, which I have found no record of. And the Thenkardali functions as a higher chamber of government, that can overrule both the assembly and the cities- even though the federation is supposed to be the most democratic of all nations because the is no higher chamber of government between the representatives of the people and their leader.

So I do see them as very abusive.

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If what you call "the Kard'ali Constitution" is the draft provided by the animation team, then I agree that it gives a lot too much power to the Government. When I read it in French, I found it was more giving full-power to the Governor than to the Kard'ali, but I agree on the basis.

Now I still consider that their actions since the merge were more lead by OOC reasons than IC ones, and so that condemning them for stealing the vote is a bit unfair from us as players (I'm the player speaking here, not the tryker character).

But it's ok: I gave my ideas and comments as a player, and now my character will go back to drinking beer and teasing officials (taliari, kard'ali, governor, all the same) without paying much attention to politics.
As long as there's beer in the bar, of course :-)

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I'm a bit late to this thread, but I felt a little guilty for not trying to take part in my race's government, so I thought I'd try to give some feedback if I can. I'm not sure how much I have to add as a non-citizen, who doesn't really know her history yet, but I added some comments to the google doc.

I don't know much about government yet, but it's nice to see things like this happening and to start to participate a little.

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I don't have enough Taliari votes to pass a new constitution, so for now I will take a break from writing.
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