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i was recently informed that the one spawn per reboot of the server was considered "normal" for the choice loot dropping mobs. as a result it could take months if not years to get enough of these CHOICE mats to craft an item or set of items with.

as a result of this rather passive view on choice loot, i propose that an NPC be created to sell choice loot mats.

i've spent over a year trying to collect some mats for an item, getting a few mats (if i'm lucky) every 30 days (give or take) when it's not the most top grade sure does seam like a bug.

choice loot being sold at a merchant npc would solve this strange "normal" spawing system for mid grade mats (given choice is the middle grade of mat, excellent should only spawn every 45 days, and bosses once every 3 months. based on this "normal" activity on choice mats.)

so let's get that NPC selling choice loot and null the "normal" one respawn per server reset.



Remickla (atys)
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