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What would you like to happen with the maximum markup for resale?
Fix the game, so players can only use 9999% maximum. 3
Fix the merchant, so players can use higher markup that may already be supported by the game. 4 (1)
Delete any discussion of the bug so we can all pretend that it doesn't exist. 0
Other 2
Abstain 2
Poll is closed

#1 [en] 


The current maximum markup that the merchant allows you to input is 9999%, the game itself may already be able to use values higher than that, but any attempt to use a markup higher than 9999% is currently considered an exploit and is punishable.

I would like to know if any players would like to see a higher markup allowed. This could allow better quality items to be sold from the resale tab. And if the markup is too extreme then the seller would make no profit.

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#2 [en] 

I'm hesitant to cast my vote yet since I'd like to see what people have to say about this, if anything. But, as it stands, I'd like to see higher prices possible! It'd be nice to see people selling stuff at the resale tab, like sup mats or amazing gear, that they'd like to charge more for than the market currently allows.

Thanks for organizing the poll.

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#3 [en] 

I believe that someone should be able to charge whatever they want for an item. It will sell or not according to demand.

Maybe I am not seeing the entire picture.

My main concern though is the price the merchant gives for items if you sell to him. Six dappers seems kind of low at times. :(



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