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Dear Homins!
Like every year, the Christmas fairy and her helpers will hover over Atys and distribute gifts to all nice inhabitants. This is particularly directed towards younger and smaller homins whose maximum level is around 125 and who are able to wear equipment up to max Q150.

The visit of the Christmas fairy will take place at the following dates:
Saturday, Dec.19th 18:00 UTC to 20:00 UTC
Sunday, Dec.20th 18:00 UTC to 20:00 UTC

You can meet the Chrismas Fairy during these times at Almati Forest and utter your
wishes for arms and equipment.

Happy Atysmas and have fun!

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Mfg Bonny

#2 [fr] 

Joyeux Atysoel à vous aussi ! :)

Et merci! comme tous les ans, vous allez faire plein d'heureux :)

*attrape la fée clochette, la secoue sur toutes les têtes* zoli!! ça brille :)
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