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At some point new client will change how table backgrounds (color and image) are handled.

* Table/row*/cell background image will not be modulated using background color. Example: to get semi transparent background image, image needs to have transparency.

* Background color and border color will not be modulated with UI color by default. Example: if user has purple color UI and border is set to white, border will be white.

* Form input size attribute value is in chars as expected and not in 'pixels'.

* IG browser.css will be this. Font size on some elements (ie h6) are changed.

* Currently +1 is added to all text size. This is also changed, so font size for all elements will probably look a bit smaller

There is new css properties to get old behavior back. These will not be inherited by inner elements, and their only value can be "true" to enable them;
-ryzom-modulate-bgcolor: true;
will change border and background color based user UI color.
-ryzom-input-size-px: true;
ie, <input type="text" size="200"> will be 200px width as currently.

This can be added to css if old behavior is needed
table, tr, td {
-ryzom-modulate-bgcolor: true;
input[type=text] {
-ryzom-input-size-px: true;

*row <TR> currently does not support background image.

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https://gitlab.com/ryzom/ryzom-data/blob/master/final_bnps/gamede v/interfaces_v3/browser.css
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