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I'm about to leave the training camp at Silan, but I wanted to leave a few notes behind that I thought might help future trainees. Unnoirin Cepao, the camp guide, said she'd hold onto them for me and make them accessible to new arrivals.

It looks like she's made a bookshelf for my one little notebook. Maybe one day it'll be filled with the work and advice of more homins who've traveled through here on their way to the new lands.

(As much as possible, please only post in this thread to add the title and link of a guide you want to leave for future arrivals on Silan.)

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You see here a small book. The material is crude but neat and usable. The cover is modestly decorated in a green and purple design of vaguely Tryker inspiration. The title reads as follows:

Be'arppy Carmy's Notes on Silan
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