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A few days ago, I had unaligned with the Karavan, renounced my Matis citizenship, and fled the forest for the much better desert of Fyros-land.


Now, when I had unaligned from the Karavan, my Karavan fame dropped to 50, lost the ability to buy pacts for the Karavan-specific TPs, AND, for some odd reason, was able to, once again, buy general Kami TPs, even though my Kami fame was still -50.

That is all.

I am working up my Kami fame to be at least 0, but preferably greater than the Karavan fame.

I don't know what I will do in the future, but I think that the whole "Ranger" thing sounds pretty good to me.


I don't have anything interesting to say anything here

Just move along....

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A short remark concerning the teleporters:
By renouncing your cult allegiance, you are religion neutral. In this case, following rules apply for the possibility to acquire teleporter tickets:

In or near capitals: Kami and Karavan (not in cities in capital region)
100,150, and 200 regions: either Kami or Karavan
250 regions and Prime roots: no tickets

There is one exception, namely regions below 250 having a vortex to another continent (PR is a continent in this sense, too). In those regions, both Kami and Karavan tickets are available for neutrals.

Those regions are KoD (forest), Hidden Source, Heretic's Hovel, Dunes of Exile, Savage Dunes,
Bounty Beaches, KoD (jungle) Grove of Umbra, Nexus Minor. With the exception of KoD (forest), wich is 150, all these regions are neutral.


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