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check the client.cfg. client tries to use share/ryzom/data/fonts as search path



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That's a bit strange, what is your folder organisation ?
Check the permission on the fonts/ folder, since you are dealing with multiple users it might be a problem


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Thanks, Karu and Icus (and Xiombarg and Bittty of course)


PreDataPath = {
"user", "patch", "examples", "data/fonts", "data/gamedev.bnp"
DataPath = {
"share/ryzom/data", "data"

to client.cfg did the trick.

Usually, I am starting ryzom under one user who has the same (partially more) permissions as the system user games. And as I use to keep ryzom portable (USB media), I am very interested to have all contained in one ryzom folder which also allows to try different versions. I am not so much in modern "user friendly" stuff and use xfce and fluxbox as window managers, with extensive use of xterm and command line.


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Paths.  Can't understand them; can't live without them.  :D


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The problem was my mistake, I'm sorry :s

I'm fixing it right now :)

The client_default.cfg had absolute paths for "data" folder that created this bug :(


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