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Marauder Civilization

What they value:

The strongest
Group survival

How they see the Karavan & Kami

The Marauders, after being abandoned by both the Karavan and the Kamis during the Great Swarming, were forced to rely on their own intelligence and skills for their survival. As the great Powers focused their attention only on helping the homins they saved with rebuilding their once great civilizations, the Marauders persevered by organizing in clans and denouncing any ties to either Power. Marauders of the Old Lands vehemently reject both the Kamis and the Karavan and will fight those who support either religion. Many Marauders of the New Lands followed a religions faction at one time or another, but, having been disappointed by it, have chosen to break away and reject all religious teachings.

How they see the homins of the New Lands

The new homin civilizations were built by those who had forgotten the ones that were left behind to the Kitins. The new governments quickly forgot those left in the Old Lands and no rescue attempts were made. Bitter at their abandonment, the Marauder clans of the Old Lands forcibly reject those that could so easily forget their own. Many of the Marauders of the New Lands have served a nation in their past, but, disappointed by their leader and the chafing of the constraints of living under the rule of civilized government, have chosen to break away.

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Source: http://atys.ryzom.com/projects/puben/wiki/L_Marauder_Civilization

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Seems to fit in with group survival to me. :)) Also a clan has women, children, men. A clan has people who cook,clean, fight, love and in general live life together.

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The Clan

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Good luck. :)

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This is posted from the guild page of The Clan

"which is why cookies is a sudo guild, we have members of all factions, thus we're less likely to be bias.

but don't loose heart, you've been in the jar i believe, this idea can be taken there and there are NO restrictions on alignments with cookies. (and you can stay just as you are doing what you are doing)
Remickla (atys)
Other games - they give you a cookie whether you succeed or not, in fact you don't even have to participate. Ryzom takes your cookie, eats it in front of you, and slaps you 2 or 3 times for bringing a cookie in the first place.
What Cookies is about ---- Contact Cookies ---- Cookies at Events ---- For Cookies Diggers and Crafters
Useful Links:
all in one IRC link for web based IRC chat --- cookies approved referance data, guides, and more. --- ryztools web version --- talkIRC forum post table of contents"

Already posted for ya talkirc.


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