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My HO just made master 2h Axe, so I want to get him a really nice supreme 2h Q250 axe. I'm looking for max speed/parry/damage in that order. I may have the mats on hand, or at least some of them, and dappers to make up the difference. I don't have a recipe however.

Let me know

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You might want to consider going for max speed/dmg almost max parry and with a good adv parry; or max speed/damage and almost max/max adv parry and nerf the parry stat to get this.  Parry is not that high anyway on an axe and a higher chance to hit what you are aiming at is trade off worth considering.  These stats are easier to get for generic and op plans.  And, your choice and my first suggestion would likely involve kirokya mandible, so if going for those options I would say go Vedice.  It is more expensive in mats but it is a better use for something like kirokya which has no substitute at q270.


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Indeed, it depends on if this axe is for pvp, OP wars, or pve. For regular pvp you actually want to have the adversary dodge modifier and/or your dodge modifier as one of the top 3 or 4 stats. OPs just worry about adversary dodge, since those healers like to dodge axes. Pve is the scenario where you would expect max parry to be most effective. And yes I would probably put it in the order of dmg/spd/modifiers.
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