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I started a post on DP. I thought I knew what I was talking about. But lots of people come back with perspectives and information that I hadn't thought of.

The one that really caught my attention was that without DP people would be death TP all the time and it would hurt Ryzom's economy. People not spending money on TPs.

It never occurred to me that Ryzom economy was that fragile.

Maybe we need a few other things than players transporting to have a stable economy.

I'm just trying to think of how I spend money.

Gear, Guild Hall, Transporting, Apartment, Hairstyles and make-up, clothing, Helping other players, OP wars (not my money yet)

Really I think people should sell more gear at the shops. lol

Just interested in a little feed back on the economy. And does the economy need fixing?



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From my own selfish opinion:

I have no guild, for whatever reason. I generally go out alone, and I do not join teams either. So, I really am alone in Atys. And I am mostly OK with that.

Now, I buy all my stuff, and when I need items, recently jewelry and armor, I am willing to trade for these item with a bunch of dappers, But you know what, even though I am willing to trade their stuff for my dappers, the other person generally does it for free. Go figure.

Now, I wish there were some available items in the "stores". But, more importantly, I wish people would make the items less costly.

The default price may be too damn low. But other player-crafted items are way overpriced. Why should I pay tens of thousands of dappers when there is a cheaper alternative that is SOMETIMES better than the more expensive item? And I do look at the items available objectively. And sometimes the cheaper alternative is BETTER than the expensive item.


However, since I have been crafting, I have discovered, through my own observation, that for whatever reason, when I raise my price higher, they are more likely to get sold. So, I have essentially knowingly been over-pricing my items, because for whatever reason, they sell better.

So, I am essentially crafting these items for the... hmmm... morons!

And for that reason, I am a bitch, and a sellout.


I am a Fyros. What more do I have to say other than that?

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There is basically no economy. Dappers are only needed for TPs and OP wars. Everything else is obtained as a gift or barter. NEVER buy the merchant items, they are only basic grade yet cost so damn much! And if you see a player crafted item it is usually just a product of craft grinding and has bad stats.

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I used to put good gear in resale, but it hardly sells and often gets taken off shelves before I can grab it :(

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Personally I dislike the idea that a good item may be used for a few levels and then thrown out because the player outgrew it. We have some q50 maga amps in guild that "survived" several new players, having been used by each person for less than two days.

I would never sell things. Auction, like Lost Girls do, maybe.


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Yeah, Trykers have been trying to organize the FH market to sell used items, I have suggested that we could hire NPCs to work the booths 24/7, so this would move the market more toward an Auction House- which is what I think the Trykers basically want/need...

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I used to put LA, Amps, MA, Jools and bucklers on sale - go like hot cakes sometimes - have an alt who sells for me and just make sure I log her in every few days
84% amps always sell
Only make 50-150 level and Shammi's weapons fly off the shelves
Ozzie sells in desert sometimes as well
But, like Mj, in guild we do a lot of recycling, except for armours - make guildies wear them until they drop off!


This idea of "I'm offended". Well I've got news for you. I'm offended by a lot of things too. Where do I send my list? Life is offensive. You know what I mean? Just get in touch with your outer adult. (Bill Hicks)

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ok my 2 dappers (lolx)

first on the income front:
making dappers as a non crafter is a pain in the a$$. (working on that aspect because i know it's not likely there will ever be another option)
in the old econ (pre-merger) one could live off selling loot from grinding to the npc's
in the new econ (post-merger) your luck if you can make a single 250 surface zone tp's worth of dappers from a full bag of mats (when selling directly to the merchants)

on the spending front:
your right there's not much to spend them on that's worth spending them on, once a player has their apt, packers, mount, tools, oh ya and TP's. there's nothing left that's worth it, but there is stuff to waste it on, hairstyles, tattoo's, wheel of misfortune, i'm sure there's something i'm missing but not sure what.

i'd love to see npc sold gears that were at least in league with player crafted gears, not super awesome gears, but things with hp / sap / stam / focus bonus, decent stats (could have lower HP so that they ware out faster)

i'd like to see npc's that sold things we could use up: flowers, better mats (choice / excellent; at a high price say 750 and 1000 for Q250's of each grade), odd level OP mats (75, 125, 175, 225) of all types; fireworks; fine or basic generic mats (Q50, 100, 150, 200, 250, @ 100, 200, 300, 400, and 500 dappers per mat {stack of 999 Q250 would cost: 499,500})

bah, i've said all this before, i'm beating a dead horse talking about it again, and i'll spare those that have read this all a million times from me.



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Though I did not do it for quite a time, I experienced that raw materials (both harvested and looted) on sale at rates of around 2000% (I use 1999%) often sold very well.

For example: some q221-248 stuff (cuttler, jugula, jab, Horncher whatever) stuff sells well at 500-700dappers/mat, so does digging mat 220-250. The reason simply is that crafting missions give 1000-1300dapper/mat yield. Buying the stuff at the spot, crafting, and handout to NPC still gives 500-600dap/mat profit for the crafter without the pain to get the mats.

Equally, putting 50-100 stuff on resale for 10-30dap/mat is not much, but especially looted stuff is stacking up fast, filling up bag and mount inv. For players wanting to up their crafting it is acceptable to pay some 10-50k to up some ten levels or so. Ways easier to get the dappers rather than e.g. the faction points for generics, and faster than having the trouble to hunt or harvest the stuff themselves. RL time is the most valuable resource ingame.

So, there is some economy. Sometimes creativity and fantasy of the playerhood seem to be short of the opportunities the economy is offering.


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