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I think DP (death penalty) should be eleminated.

In my opinion it is a punishment for playing solo. Not a punishment for everyone. Just to those who don't have a form or an alt that can rez them.

After someone masters especially there shouldn't be a death penalty.

What is the purpose other than to make a paying customer angry?

Oh , oh yeah so Ryzom can make more money. Except now it's player owned and shouldn't be playing dirty, little tricks like that.



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I would like to respectfully disagree with that sentiment.

I am generally a solo player, except when I am working on my healing spells, and this causes me to be well aware at what I am trying to kill, and it causes me to be more carefull in planning and making sure I have an escape.

In addition, at most, if not all, respawn points, you can pay things that will allow your DP to be eliminated quickly.

Yes, this costs dappers, but everyone in Ryzom with an occupation is a millionaire anyway, so what's the big deal.

I think we should keep DP just the way it is. (dammit!)

Thank you for your consideration in this matter, and have a good day.


I am a Fyros. What more do I have to say other than that?

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Don't like dp? Cry like a male for a rez then :P

But seriously, dp is very easily gotten rid of, even if max.  And as Xanix points out it actually adds something enjoyable to the game: it makes you play the game differently!  If anything, the problem with dp is that it caps out too soon.  It allows players like me to completely ignore it for the weeks, months, years that we don't train, and then dig/craft it off quickly when we do.  The game is far more enjoyable when you care about outrunning/ninjaing past a kp, than when you can just run straight towards one to get a free death port.


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Interesting Ideas, and I've seen discussions relating to DP a few times.

I agree, DP is only really effective at lower levels. Once a Homins reaches circa Lv 100 in a skill, DP can be gotten rid of fairly quickly.

Issue is, if DP were removed from the game, then Homins would effecively become invulnerable which is unrealistic. Couple that with the fact that there would be no penalty for death, would mean it's feasable Homins could become careless (what's the point in avoiding death if I don't get penalised for it?).

Maybe some thought needs to be put into DP to either make it more effective, or replace it with something else.

Me personally, I've played Solo for a long time, and have goten lots of DP. To me, DP is an opportunity to sit in FH while it wears off :-)


Everone has an opinion, and of course are entitled to have one, but others are equally entitled to decide whether they choose to agree or disagree. Acting like a complete Muppet isn't likely going to change minds or win support :)

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Ah yes. I remember a time without death penalty. Free ports for all!!
DP does not make this paying customer angry. I think it would make me angry if it was taken out again. What else would I have to look forward to when I die? If anything I would support a death penalty that was stronger such as all equipped items take a % damage for my foolishness :P

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I think DP (or another form of penalty) should be applied to a resurrected player too.

It would even prevent PvP battles from going on for hours.

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DP is a message from the game that you have boldly gone where angels fear to tread.


I don't have anything interesting to say anything here

Just move along....

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+1 Rook

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If you don't get DP now and again you are being too careful.


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I have to agree with those who are in opposition to Nehrie's post.

I play solo most of the time due to the time of day that I am in game.  (I certainly don't have a "rez alt".)  I don't get dp much because I am quite cautious.  When I do get it, I either ignore it (i.e. on Boss Hunts) or work it off. If I need a "death port" I take it and accept that the price is one that I was willing to pay. (It's cheaper than a 10K altar pact.)

I also have been known to ask for a rez from time to time.  I pay them forward when I have the opportunity to do so.

DP is easy to work off for low level characters as well, since it is a much lower amount. Just do a few actions that yield max or near max xp and watch it melt away.


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I personally would find the game boring without death penalties. Also I would stop having to make dappers to buy teleports for hunting because death porting would be free...which sounds nice, but would get boring fast. DP helps to balance things out a bit. It's a nice reward to encourage you to master all skills. Honestly though....the only time I really get DP is when death porting...it's not difficult to find a friend (or enemy) who is willing to rez you! :)

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Well some good points here I hadn't thought of. For Example: The death ports. That hadn't occurred to me.

My objection to the DP is the hours and hours and hours of grinding only to work off DP then get fifteen minutes of good training and die again. :(

I coming to think like Lacuna though. It only stacks ten deep. I can play with DP. Who cares.

No DP is not hard to work off. If I just quit being stupid and think I have to keep it worked off.

Kind a little worried about some of you. Need more punishment? Really?



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I used to find DPs to be no more than mildly annoying, and now they are barely even trivial. Most of the times I die, it's using a skill I am already mastered in, making the inability to gain XP moot.

A good training regimen also includes contingency plans for when it all goes sideways. If you're training on mobs that get you decent XP, DPs go away in just a few kills so you don't need to do anything you weren't already doing. I usually dig mine off for that reason; I've been grinding crafts for a while so I dig a lot anyways.

Lastly, to all of you death-porters out there, remember to inform any homins close enough to see you drop of your intentions or else you risk having your travel plans foiled by an altrustic healer.

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Personally I don't see 100 mobs at 6000k per just a few mobs. But whatever.


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Personally I don't see 100 mobs at 6000k per just a few mobs.

Hi Nehrie,

Do not mess up XP points got from killing a MOB, and DP points removed from that action. Killing a 6,000 XP MOB should punction of few dozen of thousands points from your DP gauge (your exact milleage may vary).

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