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We offer for auction the following bq Fyros heal amp.*  It is max sap load (3000) and 205hp.  Though it is as ugly as a Fyros male, it is far from being as useless - and it comes with the bonus feature of not smelling like Yelkoo's bottom after a veggie vindaloo.  In this recipe we nerfed the ele power, somewhat, to boost the ele cast speed so as to allow a quicker change from ele cast back to healing.

As usual we sell to any faction.  As long as your dappers are good we will rip you off... *cough*... I mean sell you quality gears at bargain prices.

OK, so it is not maga, but sometimes extra power is preferable to the chance of a free cast.  If you are buying for the dumb male in your life,** we will, for an extra fee, glue feathers and glitter onto the amp.  You can then tell him it is a boosted maga one; it is not like he will ever be able to work out it isn't.

[OOC Bidding starts at 2m Dappers.*** Auction ends 08/11/2015 at 18pm BST.]

*Unboosted versions are available in Yrk (seller Darma).
**Please see our other auctions; we are selling many useful male removal devices. Or contact Marichia for a competitive price for vermin control, discretion and satisfaction guaranteed.
***Yup, 2m dappers! You can make that from 6 days handing in items to NH - farming the mats to make your own takes far longer:P

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2 mill dp :-)

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2100 000 dappers

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Auction ends tonight at 18.00 UTC.  The winner can contact Marichia to complete transaction.


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Ozelott wins :)


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