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Did you think you could get away from me this cycle? Can you feel the cold? Do you hear the night whispering? Do you see it? The darkness comes! So do I .Be afraid! Hide yourselves in your houses! At your fires! Under your bed! Behind the skirt of your wife!  Or maybe even try in your closet?I will find you! And I have friends with me!Did you think you had beaten me? Did you think I would crawl away?


I will darken your Villages and Cities and my servants and I will bring fear and terror upon you!Be afraid! Hide yourself!I will find you and you can't do anything to prevent that! Nothing! Once you close your eyes, I will strike my claws into your flesh and you will learn to fear me!If you thought the last cycles were horrid... Muhahahaaaaa!

Let us discover what Anlor Winn will bring this year and let us ensure that it doesnt cause any (permament) damage!

30th October: The Labyrinth will open... somewhere on Atys and Anlor Winn will cover all of Atys. It could be that nothing will be normal anymore. The Maze stays open until 6th of November. Anlor Winn will haunt us only, thanks Jena and MaDuk, for 3 days. You will find the Ghost Village in Almati Forest, like every year.

30th October 20.00 UTC: First night with Anlor Winn. Best to come up to Ghost Village and be ready to fight.

31th October 20.00 UTC: Second night with Anlor Winn. Be ready to fight.

1st November 20.00 UTC: Let us celebrate the end of Anlor Winn with firecamps and spooky tales in Ghost Village.

Otherwise: Be surprised and Happy Halloween!

The end? Really? Muhaahaha!

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*enfonce un doigt dans l'oeil du vilain et file aux fourneaux lui préparer des tartes aux doigts* non mais! l'autre.. même pas peur !!

[ hrp : chouette programme et zoyeux à l'eau d'vin aussi ☻]

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For all those getting troubles with the patch for this years Halloween, like getting stuck while downloading process on character screen, please download the .zip file below and put it in your Ryzom's "user" folder.

Manual Halloween patch 2015:
ftp://ftp.ryzom.com/1510301749_Ryzom_user_folder_for_halloween_20 15.zip

Location on Windows XP:

Location on Windows 7/8:
C:\Programs x86\Ryzom\

Location for OS X Yosemite:
Macintosh HD => Users => YourName =>Library (if not visible, open Terminal and type " chflags nohidden~ /Library/ " (or check this link)) => Containers => com.winchgate.Ryzom => Data =>Library => Application Support => Ryzom =>

Location on Maverick:
>library>containers>com....ryzom>data>library>a pp support>ryzom>

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Path for Mac Ryzom Version 2.1.0:

~/Library/Application Support/Ryzom/

In Finder click in top bar on Go To -> Go To Folder and enter this link there.
if it doesn't work ~/Library is hidden so open Terminal and type "chflags nohidden ~/Library/" and try again.


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Il y a un petit bug quand on obtient le titre" zombie", en tout cas a Fairhaven. Ca provoque un freeze (vu pour au moins sur trois joueurs)...


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je confirme, plantage a la recup de la potion de la witch de l'étable a Zora, et plantage a l'ouverture du sac spécial.

Sur Os X Mac OS X Lion 10.7.5 (11G63b) AMD Radeon HD 6770M 512 MB 4 Go 1333 MHz DDR3 2,7 GHz Intel Core i5

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If you crash while taking potion/opening special tab do the manual patch as described above, fixed it for me.


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meme avec patch manuel ça plante plus au dialogue mais quand j'ouvre le sac spécial mais apres le patch je vois l'inonde de la potion a la place de la croix

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On Mac be in the Finder .
Press command+n
(opens new Finder windows)
Then press shift+command+g
Then in the box type "~/Library"
That will  open the Library in your user directory.
After witch you can go to the correct folder for you version of Ryzom

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Voilà mon rapport d'erreur, le début de soirée normal. Premiers crash avec la potion de la witch, j'installe le patch manuel ça retarde le crash potion d'un peu mais ne le corrige pas. Je continue a jouer sans problème puis a la deuxième session de l'évent Anlor Win vers 23h15 j'ai un message système comme quoi j'ai reçu un reward-item d'appartement et là crash.
plusieurs tentatives: crash
réinstall de patch :crash

heureusement j'avais gardé une copie de user début de soirée, je la remet, je pense que l'affaire est résolue et crash reward_aleady_token, vous recevez un nouvel objet d'appartement. Ce sera donc sans moi ce soir.

J'attend demain pour contacter le support

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J'ai toujours pas accès à l'inventaire spécial. J'ai testé avec le zip manuel, en vidant le cache, et avec plusieurs clients différents... J'ai la potion de la sorcière mais je ne peux pas la boire.
Quoique je fasse, dès que je clique sur "special", ça ferme le client.


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a effacer, fausse piste

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As a solution for the problems some players encountered with the Special Bag we created an application with which you can buy and activate the potion of the witch, without the need of opening the Special Bag. You can find it with opening the Web Ingame (SHIFT+W). For players who couldn't drink the potion until now we suggest you drink your first potion when you are close to one of the Witches.

In order for all players to get the chance to play the Event it will stay online for one day longer, that means until 2 November midnight.

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Please list all the homins who won yubos

And thank you to event team for halloween :)


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