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Fakuang was taken by one of his surges of Machiavellian motivation. It happened to him less and less in time; probably an effect of the old age. One of these days, he would not wake of one of his foggy dreams caused by the syrupy purple drink. It not very disturbed him: the world was more bloody and satisfactory in his musings. When he woke up, it bothered him much that Mabreka was always still in place, and Krokwai still alive. Difficult to decide on what was the most unpleasant... Annoying the Theocracy required efforts, ways and especially a little help, which was not possible at present. All too selfish to join his grand plans... To annoy Krokwai and the other Antekami kaze was laborious: he was too stupid to realize what took place and it turned around regularly against Fakuang. He had spent a crazy amount of time to explain to them that he was not kamiste...

He was not going to be passive for all that. Look, this history with the girl, there he did well enough for a long time. It was time to make profit out of this little affair. Fakuang put himself in the writing:
Pinned at the entrance of Min Cho
Woha soft slaves of the Theocracy.

I have your sister, the beloved one, in my luggage. I feel however a little pity in front of the fate which is soon reserved for her. The destruction of the Kami Temple in Zora, or alternatively a payment of 3 millions of dappers could convince me to return her to you.

See you on 19h - Quinteth, Thermis 5, 2nd AC 2585 with the proof of your love for her, in the Kipee Mull. No words: either dappers or the temple destroyed, or both. Otherwise you'll never see her.

Fakuang, devoted servant

[OOC] The meeting will be held October 24, 2015 at 21H FR (19H UTC), the Grove of Umbra, on Kipee Mull.

It's hard for me to speak in english but I want to try this language during the event. So, be gentle :)

For those who missed the begginning, clues can be found here: 2482 [/OOC]

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#2 [en] 

Rikutatis writes his report of the events on Dua, Winderly 26:
A large group of many Zoraï shizus, initiates, Fyros patriots, rangers and other homins have mobilized to answer the plea of the lost Zoraï girl Suki. As it turns out she was being held captive by the vile tribe of the Antekamis Kaze. They drugged and intoxicated her with Goo, and she was being forced to marry one of the Antikami chieftains, Krokwai. The "ceremony" was held deep in the Grove of Umbra, in the lands corrupted by the Goo.

We were able to rescue Suki and arrest most of the Antikamis, although some of them managed to escape in the confusion, including the one known as Fakuang, who betrayed his own tribe for dappers. These Antikamis were particularly stupid, even by their tribe's standards, and it is unclear how they kidnapped the girl and kept her hidden for so long. Suki is hurt and traumatized, but worst of all, she is deeply infected by the Goo and delirious. It is urgent that we find a cure for her. Perhaps the Sages can assist in this matter.


"We are Kami. We are here to be you. We are many as you are of many minds. We are one as you are one in Ma-Duk."
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