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Some of you might have already know me, some don't. The thing that you must know is, I am a poor fyros. Therefore, I need your dappers! Or, any thing fancy I could play with. In fact, dappers don't interest me much, but I could have a use of them.

I will present two things that I have found lately in my apartement and I think they worth selling.

Two pieces of Black-Crafted-Marauder-Armor, that I have slightly used. I don't remember exactly how I got them, but they're made of rare materials! As far as I can tell, they're Protection and Parry maxed, other stats are balanced except Dodge Modif, as the Armor is meant to be more Parry. however, -1 or -2 Dodge wouldn't make a difference.

Okies enough Blalala, these are the pieces:

Interested? You want to see how you would look like with those black pieces on? 

Then, you'd simply /tell me and they'd be yours!

Bouh, I wish I could do that, but as mentioned, I am a poor fyros! So,
In order to get them, you'd either want to give:

15M each piece or 25M for both.

Wait, you don't have that much of dappers and you're still interested?
Then, I could use:

2 Marauder-Crystals.

What? Still you don't have what have been proposed?
Then, Ehm... Okies,

Just, propose anything fancy that you think it worth it, and I will see if I accept it or not.

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J'espère que l'échange ne concerne que les kamis et que tu vas pas oser vendre de si belles pièces aux kara?


fyros pure sève
akash i orak, talen i rechten!

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The priority is always to kamists. But, if they aren't interested then, I would be in a bad situation in which I'd have no choice but to make a trade with a Kara.

[OOC] The post wasn't really RP'ing, as you might notice, I was (kind of) nice, which is not my way normaly, to give a hint that it's an open trade, and OOC. :) [/OOC]

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ben et les marauds? ^^

#5 [fr] 

*renifle* pouah.. ce sont les bottes ça? t'as mis un fromage corse dedans? .. jamais un maraud n'en voudra ^^ ptet un neutre..

*s'est fait des copains sur tout atys... part en sautillant et chantonnant ^^ *

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Both pieces have been sold.

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bravo^^ plus qu'à te laver les petons huhu :p
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