#1 [en] 

Lielle had been feeling it was time. Since finally reaching Pyr, she'd explored, worked hard to help the empire, and hopefully found the beginnings of friendships among the homins who walk the new lands. She'd stood in awe of the great cities of Pyr, Yrkanis, Zora, and Fairhaven.

Yes, it was time. She had fully arrived in the new lands, and it was time to begin the next chapter of her life here. She'd already prepared her symbolic clothing, crafted with her own skill, using only the materials from the desert's bounty. Green to represent her newness and growth, and beige as a first paler reflection of proud Fyros red. She'd inscribed each piece with the most important values of her people: Talen, Akash, Orak, Rechten.

She'd hoped since she was a little girl that she would have a chance to rejoin her people. Her parents, though Fyros, had only a fragmentary memory of their great culture. She'd hoped she would one day have a fuller understanding of what her heritage meant.

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And now, that day had come. It was time to give her complete focus to that task. She would remain in the desert, not visiting other lands during this time. She would immerse herself in the history of Atys and the empire. She would seek out the company of her people, and contemplate the Four Pillars. She would walk the desert, learning land and its gifts.

With purpose, she walked to the front gates of Pyr. The rite she was to undertake was a personal one, but she knew she needed to announce her purpose, if only for herself.

She turned to face the entrance to the proud city, and knelt with humility. Her heart beat more strongly, this was the moment she'd been waiting for a long time.

#3 [en] 

She spoke loudly and clearly, declaring her purpose:
"I am humble before the great empire of the Fyros. I'm only a guest here, now, but I hope to become more, of my own accord. I seek now to know the history and ways of the Fyros, and to be of service to the empire. If it holds true that my path is to become a Patriot, I hope the results will reflect well on my worth to become part of that empire. sharuk pyrekud!"

For a moment, she let the words sink in. Then, rising from her kneel, Lielle walked through the gates of Pyr.
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