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The power of the father

Stevano-Karan (*) pacing his apartment floor. His hands crossed behind his back, lips pursed in anger, his brow furrowed in annoyance, the ruler of Verdant Heights was absolutely furious. The loud crack of his boots echoed through the room, a threatening echo in the silence of the room.

Dignified and still, more pale than ever, Karae Tamiela had the strange impression that the rhythm of her heart matched the ruthless snapping of her husband's boots. And when he stopped three feet from her, with his piercing cold eyes, she thought she felt her heart stop.

"By the grace of Jena, how could you do this to me? Roared Karan.
Tamiela cautiously looked down. 
-And the royal child that you carry within you, you only considered yourself in undertaking this crazy trip? And if those infamous Marauders had captured you? And if the baby was killed, even before knowing the light of Jena? " 
Tamiela said nothing, and instinctively putting her hands on her belly as if to protect her baby from bad luck. 
"You should have told me before. I have forbidden you to leave the Kingdom, for his sake." The Karan sighed. 
"You have new responsibilities now. Take care of yourself, Miela, and take care of him."
Tamiela looked up, watching her husband, a tear formed in her eyes. "Sil (**) Stevano, I will. I ... I wanted so much to take this wonderful journey before being again confined to small walks around the palace! I felt so proud and invulnerable with this new life in me! I did not think for a moment about the dangers ... What had I to fear surrounded by my escort?
Seeing his wife suddenly so fragile, Stevano felt his anger dissipate and he could not help but to smile, thinking she was going to give him a second heir. Because of course, it would be a son!
(*) Karan: King, Matis language.
(**) Sil: yes, in Matis language.

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