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#1 Multilingual 

Lost Girls are pleased to offer for auction a boosted max damage/speed generic PvE longsword.  Along with the boost to speed and damage, this sword has almost the max parry and adv parry stats of an unboosted version.  We hope the winning bidder will put it to good use by helping to eradicate the male infestation of Atys.

[OOC Bidding starts at 20 xls and 500k.* Auction ends 11/10/2015 at 18pm BST.]

*If you wish you may increase the bids of xls in bids of 5.  The bidding therefore can be made in dappers or xls.  Each time this is done in xls, the dapper bid will be reset to 500k.  The first 20 Xls must be either dolak/muncham/bukah skins, or manda pelvis.  If you wish to bid more xls, we will accept more of the same mats as well as Utasha pelvis, Budai pelvis, Gerder/Dai Den/Rippa sting and Bajam/Fijoo bones.

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#2 [en] 

Yummi stats... I can give 20 manda pelvis along with the 500k

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#3 [en] 

1000000 deppers!


#4 Multilingual 

Aruno the bid is for 20xls from the list above, and a dapper bid.  The highest bid is therefore Ozelott's.


#5 Multilingual 

Ozelott wins. Please contact Marichia to complete transaction.


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