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Currently, when I target a Rooting Cratcha I see "2 {star}" which could mean I should not mess with it, when I target Stalkuing Cratcha is is labeled as "117", which is in reference to its level and the quality of the mats it, may, "drop".

However, I can, all by myself without ANY assistance kill one of those Rooting Cratcha.

But, I know I cannot kill a MOB with, for example "5 {star}", because I know damn full well that I will be killed very quickly.

So, in everyone's opinion, would I be correct when I say that I should not generally attack anything that is not labeled with a number, and I should avoid anything with "{star}s"?

Or, should I say that 1 stars are OK to attack, and 2 stars I should be carefull of, but I can probably attack them if I keep my wits about me.

Also, I can SOMETIMES kill a "3 {star}" MOB, if I am lucky and if I can run away when it starts kicking my <butt>.


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Stars on a mob are really relative. I would completely ignore them and just focus on what level the mob is.

Here you can find all the levels.



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There's no point attacking a mob if a lower level mob is enough to give you max xp (3000 gross). What matters is xp/time rate.

Easy way: Just attack mobs who's level you could see, that's how it's meant I believe.

Better way: For max xp attack a mob who's level is: <highest skill level used in team> + 20 + (8 * <number of team members (excluding you)>).

Best/slow way: Have a try with different mobs and calculate the average xp/time rate, pick the mob that gives you best rate at your current level.

You could check any mobs level from http://ballisticmystix.net/?p=mob


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Unless something is wrong with your client, the info should have the stars AND a level number if you (or your team) are within 50 (or some number close) levels of the mob.

The stars only indicate a mobs relative strength in that one region, for example a 2 star cratcha is usually the second level of its species in the region, I'm sure someone will reply with examples where this is not the case, but for general explanation purposes it is close enough.

Apparently Cratchas are pretty weak and have multiple one star types per region.

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The star system is actually pretty consistent. Just that you also need to take into account the background color.

So, a 2* mob is at most +20 levels over the basic region level. A purple star means a 200-250 region. You can also learn region levels by heart, if you play enough :)

The stars themselves don't tell you much about the mob, however. Two mobs, both with 3 red stars (level 180-190) will still have their unique properties. I wouldn't attack a torbak unless it's several levels below me, for instance, whereas I wouldn't mind a plant that's slightly above my level.


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