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My idea is simply to replace Rakoo with a boss that we do not have a lv 220 or lv 270 version already in game, and preferably allow players to vote on what boss should be used as a replacement.

I am not sure how easy it is to replace a boss with another, but replacing Rakoo with another q270 boss seems sensible to me.  We have ragukin, so why on Atys do we need another q270 Ragu boss?  Time and time again players ask for some changes to the bosses/named mobs to spice things up. Further, there are many named/bosses listed as missing on the wiki.  Can they or can they not be used to replace named/bosses already in game?  If not, please tell us!  Can we please have an official statement as to what is and what is not possible to do with bosses/named?


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adding the unused bosses and named is as easy as adding a script for them (which isn't impossible, just ask Virg).

further more, asking is more less a waste of time, unless you speak the right language. Virg has worked on many things very hard and dedicated much time freely to development of things, but as yet we've not seen a single thing that's done. this closed door policy hurts the player base because no one knows anything, but i understand that the Dev (yes the one) doesn't want to tell anyone because they will get hammered with demands for it after the fact. it's a double edged sword that cuts both the dev and those that give their time freely and the players can be cut with.

much like my "upper branches" topic, i've had professional programers offer to help with the work, but given that i never got a single msg from anyone working for WG or the dev team i'll be damned if i waste a professionals time.

on paper the forge looks like a good idea, but who in their right mind is going to put in a year of work for a project that will only be rejected? after over a year of posting my stories for my project (which are nearing their publishing end on the forums) i've still not received a single official word about a thing. I joined the forge, started working on the idea's myself, freely, finding that some things are just a matter of making the scrips (almost everything i wanted can be done). i've put in the time and effort alone because i won't waste anyone else's time on something that will only be rejected or ignored. i will however be inquiring to some of the programmers that offered to help to see if they would like to join another project where our ideas will count and be taken seriously.

the bottom line seams to me that no matter how much we work on things, if we don't speak the right language we're only going to be ignored. NDA's are only good to protect the company so they can reject someone's project and force them to keep quiet about it, let's face it, open source is about sharing information, and most games keep paying players interested by giving little spoilers about what's in the works, ryzom lacks that because they don't want people to hate them more for never producing results.

once we're live on steam, the words those people use will not even for a second consider the weak dev level, they'll simply see a game that is dead but not buried.

so brake out the spoilers, start using things people develop and don't ignore people that are serious about doing things because you never know just how much effort they'll put into a project to make it happen, and once you piss off those people, they'll go somewhere they're taken seriously and not for granted, and once gone, for many it'll be a cold day in Hell before they come back.

sorry, little off topic there, bottom line is we don't need to remove mob's (also because of the restrictions on using racial mat's PR bosses have great value, now if all mat's could be used in all craft plans regardless of where they came from, then we could consider removing some bosses) add more to the game, but don't take anything away.


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