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Would you like a way to get basic information about other guilds?
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no 1
Other 0
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#1 [en] 

For the second time this week my OP is being attacked by a guild that I have never even heard of (and is not mentioned in Guild Registry)... this has caused me to have the idea that we should be able to ask a NPC or use an ingame command to get basic information about other guilds. I think simple info about a guild should be public, or obtained for a small fee or bribe from the guild-registering officials :)

An example would be-

/guildinfo Pirates of Darkmoor

Pirates of Darkmoor- allegiance: Tryker/Karavan, 1016 days old, Creator: Salemspellstorm, 7 members, Guild leader: Placio

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#2 [en] 

I'm pretty sure that the CSR's can look that up in a database so it probably should be possible to write an app to extract the minimum information.  The real problem would be keeping the app from being hacked to provide *all* the information incuding the contents of the guildhalls.


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#3 [fr] 

Il y a la clef G01 de l'API qui correspond à la description de la guilde... ça doit être faisable.
Très bonne idée...


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#4 [fr] 

Je suis pour, pour deux raisons:
1.- il n'y a pas de secret, on finira par trouver plus ou moins rapidement qui est qui, donc en faciliter la connaissance peut aider. Il y a d'ailleurs des api qui ont été développés.
2.- cela peut être utile quand on rencontre une guilde dont on ne connaît pas la langue des membres.


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#5 [en] 

I've been thinking about this, but I can't seem to settle on one side of the fence, or the other.

On one hand, it may be useful. Somehow. Maybe.

On the other hand, the attacked guild has no reason to know information that you otherwise would never get. Why should I be able to learn the name of your guild leader only if you attack my outpost? Makes no sense. War is war, you either attend or you don't. If you feel you're being harassed you file a ticket (and you'll be told by GMs that several attacks in a row are perfectly fine, as we learned with The Outsiders). Knowing the formal allegiance of the attacking guild does not help much, considering cross-faction alliances.

Overall, I'm not sure if there's much point for this feature...

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#6 [en] 

Like Ryztools: https://ryzom.byweb.no/g
(and https://ryzom.byweb.no/op)

If the information there is correct, I'm able to guess very precisely who attacked you. ^^

#7 [en] 

ok, thats a cool tool. But some of the info seems outdated, and still looks like most info aside from name and creation time is voluntary.

#8 [en] 

the only bad thing about guild info is that (as far as i know) once a guild's "description" is filled in, it can't be changed, so if a guild starts out ranger, becomes kami, then drops kami and goes karavan, drops karavan and then becomes marauder, they're still stuck with the "ranger style" description that was created when the guild was created. so the only data that would or should be valid in a "/guildwho We Are One" should be alignment (based on fames of guild) (zorai/kami), maybe member number (12), guild age (800+ days), guild leader (talkIRC).

below is just an after thought to the topic.

all guilds should be required to have a guild registry entry, even if only saying "syndicate : we are marauders" (just an example my friends, i already picked on my own guild) the post should be required within 30 days of the creation of a guild. (alt guilds could simply say: "this is an alt guild" {ma-duk's temple of talk: alt guild}) however this is just a matter of voluntary submissions, even if the post was created when the guild was created (only the post with guild name would be mandatory and automatic)


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