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1/ Implement seasonal tides: water levels will vary depending on the season. It should not be a major variation, just a bit to change the landscape.
2/ Poisoned weapons: using goo or loot/forage ingredients
3/ Sickness event: I played such an event in Regnum, years ago, it was quite exciting and interesting. A type of creature (low level) will be spreading in Atys, very aggro, and giving a sickness in n% of the cases. This sickness will provisionally decrease your (health/sap/stamina/focus). Remedy can be found or purchase. I guess the RP could be quite interesting. (Silan has to be left uncontaminated)

#2 [en] 

Just a reminder, there's only supposed to be one idea per topic :P

in response to item 1, tides are caused by the pull of a satellite, and Atys has some very interesting atronomical neighbors.... so that would cause really bizzare or dangerous variations in water levels. It might be better to leave as is and assume that the force which holds Atys together and keeps our feet stuck to the ground also prevents water levels from changing.

For item 2 I think there is already a post suggesting that weapons made from the racial plans should inflict a small amount of the magic per hit.

There are already two sicknesses/invasions occuring on Atys (not counting Kami followers and Marauders:P ) The Kitin Threat and The Goo. We have had plenty of kitin events, but maybe more Goo animals could invade (like the ones that are supposed to be here for goo missions?).

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Tides can be caused by changes occuring in Atys core...

#4 [en] 

Possibly the tides idea should be filed in Ryzomforge's bug tracking system as a general enhancement request: allow any body of water to have varying levels.

Besides tides in Trykoth we could have puddles gaining or loosing water with rain or draught.

While the functionality is not there yet, maybe an event is possible to lower the water level in Trykoth because the Kitins dug tunnels in the wrong place.Some water could still be there but most gone. We'd have less places as safe spots, aggro would roam a bigger area. And event managers could spawn more of them. Once we collect enough resin, wood, bark and sap, we fight the Kitins once more and then close the tunnel. The next rain will raise the water level to normal.

My hope would be that the required patches to the landscape are minimal - in the best case just one parameter for the main body of water.

The infect event is a good idea, too. But likely requires code changes.
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