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#1 [fr] 

Beauoup de Pvpistes se plaignent que le point de rez est loin de l'Arene .

Et si tout le monde est mort en arene Matis.Soit on prend le point de rez du tp Kami,on l'on tp directement à la ville la plus proche.
Mais en trajet c'est une perte de temps.

Ne serait il pas interessant de metre un point de rez à l'entrée de l'arene?

Ou tout simplement deplacer le points de rez du Tp Kami d'Yrkanis,à l'entrée de l'arene Matis.

Quelques irreductibles risquent de dire,que lorsque qu'on fait du pvp à Yrkanis le rez est maintenant est plus loin.......


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#2 [fr] 

Suffit de le mettre a mi-distance des deux :p

Car c'est vrai que les tp "ennemi" sont trop pres des villes.
Yrkanis, Fairhaven et zora sont un peu pres .
A Pyr sa va, faut traverser une bonne distance, je pense.

#3 [en] 

as for moving the kami tp: NO

as for putting a respawn point near the arena: YES.

to me it does seam rather foolish that there wasn't one placed at the entrance of the arena, it would be of no advantage to anyone in game other then players that are intrested in pvp.

i for one do not like pvp, but agree on behalf of the pvp players that the arena lacks this CRUCIAL feature for the pvp community at large, perhaps if there was a respawn point at the entrance it would be used more often for more then just the rare event.


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#4 [fr] 

I think it is a great idea to put a tp spot in the Arena so EVERYONE can use.

Yes, i say IN the arena so hypothetically, if kami decided to use it to their advantage during an op war, kara could tp there too and take them out since it is pvp anyways.

I really don't think it will give them an advantage in an OP war anyways, but if that was a concern, putting it IN the arena could solve it.

I suppose if they are tagged anyways then tp'ing into the arena would not make much difference, they can still be attacked, but letting kara tp there too, or whoever owns the nearby op's, they can go there to continue the fight.

And ~it gives everyone an opportunity to reach the arena without any hassel for events.

And +1 for a respawn nearby, maybe not at the entrance, but somewhere kind of close

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#5 [en] 

I dont think Matis Arena gets enough use to merit the time to make changes to it. Also the spawn points in Yrkanis are not that far away, or you could just rez the person if you want to continue fighting with them...

#6 [en] 

get some alt/homin standing in safe spot and team up the person he needs to heal then drop team and get to a safe spot again.

Its not like you win stuff from the arena or that you need to kill even the doctors, nurses and so on.
I don't think we need them to figure out for next 3 years on how to make a new respawn point if we can just do it with ingame mechanics.


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#7 Multilingual 

While one may doubt the priority of such a change (which doesn't seem overly hard to implement to me), I consider it a good idea - though not the placement of the kami tp, rather an independent rez point for everyone. The surroundings of the void vortex became a much frequented training and battling area for PvP exactly for the reason of fast and uncomplicated rez for all during PvP contests, allowing fast sequence of fights. A rez point just at the entrance of the PvP part of the Arena would allow and attract both kinds of PvP, faction based (outside) and free for all PvP (inside). It would surely increase the popularity of the arena.

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