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1: OK, I will try to phrase my question that is understandable.

2: The search function is not good, if you haven't figured that out.


I have a bunch of Basic Quality recipies, and I have some Medium Quality recipes. When do I get access to Higher Quality recipes?

Do I need to have all of my Basic Quality recipes upgraded to Medium Quality before I can get access to Higher Quality recipes, or what/when? Or is it some other thing I need to do before I get Higher Quality recipes?

Just wondering...


I am a Fyros. What more do I have to say other than that?

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Level 150 unlocks HQ plans. And to purchase them from the trainer, for each craft branch, you need to buy BQ to unlock MQ which unlocks HQ.


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There is some special situation regarding racial weapon plans, I believe that reaching 150 in any branch will unlock all racial plans even for other weapons where you didn't reach that level yet.

However those plans cost a boatload of points each, so I would not worry about it unless you're sitting on some thousand points :D


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