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I just arrived on mainland, a little intimidated at the moment but ran into another player who helped me get started. I have been doing the basic craft quests and doing some hunting so far.

Any suggestions on how I proceed? I am in fairhaven (I think that is correct)

I am a Tryker. I have played before but never left silan. I started new since i could not remember my old account but I was not very far along.

Anyway I am looking for either a partner or maybe a guild? I am not much for pvp, but I am sure I will dabble in it after I get better at the game.



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Hello and welcome to mainland. For starters please have a look at http://app.ryzom.com/app_forum/index.php?page=topic/view/23112/6# 6


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Welcome Tatyana :-)

You will find many helpful players in Lakelands around Fairhaven.  Take your time finding a guild to join - see who is around when you are online and who you enjoy teaming with.  Most guilds are aligned to one faction or another so take this into account too.

If you need any help or guidance just ask in Uni chat.


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Thank you both for the information and advice.

A couple of questions,

The factions that people/guilds are aligned with. I have read the in-game lore between the Kami / Karavan but do they affect game play in any way other then for RP / PVP purposes? ( I read about the TPs as well)

Is there an in-game method for teaming other then universe chat?



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Personally, I have achieved level 107 in Elemental Magic, and level 106 in all Melee. I have not joined a guild yet. You really do not NEED a guild until later.

Get the application on the setting/appzone and get the Ballistic Mystic gadget, look at the "encyclopedia" entry and first get your fame raised for your Tryker race. Then work on occupations (water carrier). This will give you the dappers to buy a mount and maybe some packers, and some good equipment, and eventually, an apartment. Once you have some packers, you can accumulate enough MATS to seriously craft things. At some point, you will probably join a guild. But you need to learn the environment first.


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Your Faction (Kami, Karavan, Marauder) or Civ (Matis, Fyros, Tryker, Zorai) alignment affects your Fame and this affects several different things, including which tribes will accept you or attack you, and the prices on the merchants.

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It's bad luck to be superstitious . . .

Palta e decata, nan nec ilne matala.

When one goes on a journey it is not the scenery that changes, but the traveller

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There was an ingame app for teaming up, however it didn't catch on. Your best bet remains Universe. Also, I would suggest latching on the people you find to have similar levels with you, and train together if you can :)

Aligning with a nation changes your fame caps from 50 across to 100-75-25-0, this restricts your ability to do certain rites (e.g. aligning Tryker means max 75 matis, 25 fyros and 0 zorai).

On the bright side, raising your fame to 100 means you can sell products to New Horizons transporters for some pretty dappers and a respectable amount of faction points. You can use faction points to buy sap crystals and speed up your training, for instance.


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Ah. All gibberish. Just have fun :-P

Welcome to the rootball! The only meaningful advice in Lakelands is to never go alongside a Tryker into a bar! Always take a wise Zorai with you!

(They are big enough to carry you home and wise enough to close your appartement door from the outside after they've put you on the floor on the inside)

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Привет, Татьяна!)


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I would always say pick a guild/faction based on the people in it. Get to know them a bit first before joining and you can't really go wrong- unless you are picky about RPing.

Each nation have RP meetings which you can attend if you want to sample the differences.



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